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  1. thank you! ill test this out in abit but I'm sure this is what I needed to fix. you're awesome and love all of your scripts.
  2. Repeatedly getting "cannot find PlaceHolder" then trys to log out. ive ran this script for hours. for some reason trying it on a different account and I keep getting this message. ive played around with all the settings I think are making this happen. Any suggestions?
  3. Would anyone be so kind as to post a pic of what the logic builder should look like for the catacombs on zeah? -been trying forever and cannot get it working right.
  4. This script still functional? Bought but doesn't seem to work for me.
  5. Okay ... I see how this script can be flawless .. However, I have tried setting this up every way possible, retarted client, osb, computer itself. Nothing I do seems to wanna make this script work properly. -Why wont it use castle wars bank when it forces me to us tele ring there -This script needs to be reviewed.
  6. yanille - walking - banking - doing perfect until after it banks - refills inv with bones - gets back to portal and gets stuck "walking to portal" but I'm standing in front of it.
  7. Using my own altar, using dragon bones Could you link a pic of what my GUI should look like?
  8. If possible, a "use rune pouch" option would be great. Also, "use servant money bag" so I don't have to hold coins on me and in the moneybag Love the script
  9. I LOVE this post, AND your scripts I use more than any. *Slayer - definitely what id want the most - I was super into MUTES SLAYER but one of the updates broke it - havnt tried in 2week *A decent farm-run script *Rogues den (havn't done much searching but havnt seen one yet) *Tzhaar - jad attempt'r - or one that shows places to stand, priority kill/pray - for each wave to maximize efficiency *WC - cuts logs - turns to planks - then banks - repeat - WCGuild *Pray flicking would be cool too, but I already can see the issues that could bring etc etc *Also,
  10. Title says it all, this is a basic requested script -I need a script that will save roughly 10-15 presets -each preset i'd like to be able to save armor setup, inv setup and possible have I walk to me location. The first two are must, the auto-walker I can do without but would be nice to have an AIO. -will be used from switching from one bot to another so I can minimize the time its taking me to setup for each bot run.
  11. Can someone link the thread on how to delete hooks, if there is one nvm found it
  12. A post has been made, sorry I don't have the link on hand, but they are currently working on fixing the hooks that broke during the Runescape update to the client yesterday/today.
  13. Seems all the scripts I have bought don't have options to cut Opals, Jades, and Red topaz Am I overlooking something? Anyone know a direction I can look to find such script?
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