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  1. I was using eznmz for it, rip...
  2. Request: Enter Abyys Miniquest scriptDescription: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enter_the_AbyssPayment Amount: Idk ? Its easy afTime: asapAdditional: we can discuss price just dm me
  3. Minimum $2k req for it.. Goodluck
  4. Request: AIO Revenants script (Restocking, muling, killing)Description: I wont explain it but worthy said; " its not that it is complex, its just that it is a extremely polished. more-so than a private script needs to be. it has a lot of bells and whistles "Payment Amount: 1000-1500 USDTime: ASAPAdditional: Nothing.
  5. 5-25 usd ? Lol... Private script prices start from 100 USD
  6. 400 usd is nothing for private script. Also dont buy anything from JoeDazzy or whatever its called.
  7. Its cost 1,5K+ usd at other bots. Its probably 3k+ in here.
  8. java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file ^Check this error man.
  9. Request: Raids 1 or Vorkath Description: - Payment Amount: +1500 USD (its just example hmu with ur price) Time: Max 2 months. Additional: It must be AIO. Including restocking, muling, killing Dont leave comments here, DM or Discord please. Can#7841
  10. Can i donate few bucks for it ? You are my man.
  11. If you can check every updates, all of them says same thing. Just wondering how many week left for update.
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