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  1. My account has already faced the two-day ban and I'm able to play again. But how hard is it to get the ban meter removed, or quashed? Do I just change my IP and tweet at Jagexsupport saying I got hacked?
  2. Just purchased. Seems like a great script. How come agility ban rate is so high? Seems like whenever I do roof top agility, I never see anyone around.
  3. I tried that, but the bot still won't login when I start a script. I'm guessing that TriLez needs to update the client?
  4. So for example, I'm already using a script that has ABC2 implemented into it which uses some form of human mouse movements. If I purchase VIP-E, how does human mouse do anything extra?
  5. I bought the unlimited instance script a couple of years ago and just wanted to verify that I'm running the same version as this thread. My Tri AIO Combat & Magic in the Script Repository varies slightly from the details for this script. It says 'Ranged' instead of 'Combat' and the ID is slightly different and the User Count. ID 188 Author Tri Category Ranged Version 9.99 Last Updated Sat, 12 Aug 2017, 4:08AM BST Game Mode Old-School User Count 738
  6. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the release of ABC2. Kind of a big deal in terms of our safety using this woodcutting script (especially woodcutting since it's a heavily botted skill.)
  7. It works at the stronghold of security if you're not banking, but if it accidentally misclicks on a door then the script gets stuck (and hopefully you've check marked the 'logout after 5 minutes of no xp gains' option in settings.) That being said, I've had to switch back to JJ's AIO Fighter because this script can't even properly run for longer than 15 minutes for me.
  8. I never knew you could get maxed out stats using ExNMZ in 6 weeks. And yeah that is cheap. Thanks for the info!
  9. How so? Don't you log into your account from time to time not on Tribot to do miscellaneous stuff (questing, GE, etc.?) That would be a change in account movement assuming you're not VIP-E using LG and human mouse movements.
  10. I believe you're confusing me with the OP? I have different stats and different goals.
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