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  1. Archhh


    right, but is there like a recommended amount to bring per trip?
  2. Archhh


    @Dentisthow many staminas do you suggest to bring?
  3. congrats and good luck!
  4. @Encodedare you giving my instance feedback thought? I remember you posted about changing the pricing etc on your recent post here: Cheers man and great work so far
  5. The old system was great, we were able to have a few instances for a fair price. Now it's incredibly expensive to even have 2-3 instances for 1 script. I went through some good detail on this post here, this is the main reason my friends and I have stopped purchasing many tribot scripts we previously purchased every month. It's hard to justify spending $10+ for 2 instances for something that was previously $5 for 3 instances, many of my friends use the competition now instead.
  6. Any updates coming on script price/instance changes?
  7. Archhh


    Recently have had a ton of success with your farming script, i'll be giving this a shot
  8. This is awesome to hear, perhaps an overhaul of forum sections could revitilise the forums? Remove old categories, relevant sections and more participation by all could help make the forums active. I'd be happy to help participate with more forum ideas beyond this.
  9. Felt this was coming for awhile, I hope @Encodedcan help revive the forum/community activity. Thank you for your hard work and good luck with your future.
  10. can you also fix tribot 12 since that is a broken mess
  11. Honestly, Tribot 12 is so bad and the support is minimal. I've been using Tribot for almost 8 years and I've never seen such a downward spiral that Tribot is currently in. Super disappointed.
  12. bring back old looking glass! OpenOSRS only options sucks
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