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  1. Archhh

    just a tribot memory~

    ah yes back when prices were fair
  2. my best advice is to stop buying scripts that increased and price and provide less instances than before. I've done my best to basically only purchase scripts that were previously only 1 auth (Slayer, Zulrah) anything else i won't be using tribot until pricing is fixed
  3. would love to see one, there used to be one a long time ago.
  4. With the recent changes to Tribot as I've posted in this topic, I have found myself slowing down with the purchase of scripts as mentioned here to highlight the big changes: I was interested to see if others feel the same way, have you also been looking elsewhere? are you frustrated with 1 instance per purchase? It's a big issue, I prefer Tribot but some of these more basic scripts shouldn't be 1 instance per purchase. They should be a few instances for the same price, like previously.
  5. you're not wrong. 1 instance for same price as multiple instances previously? hmmmm.
  6. Same exact looping issue with digsite medium clue step, bot teleports to digsite and gets close to the clue spot and teleports out. https://pastebin.com/vtHhDNFP This only seems to happen with stash enabled.
  7. Bot spent 15 minutes attempting to do the barbarian agility clue step, kept games neck teleporting once entering the agility course in a loop https://pastebin.com/riZ8WF2S
  8. Having an issue where the bot has all required gear/teleports and still is unable to complete the step. Account had Adamant halberd, diamond ring, mystic bottom for seers' emote clue step Account had required teleports for ardy monestary step as well and failed. https://pastebin.com/egTAz02X Update: happening with all steps now, perhaps i need to delete hooks i'm not sure.
  9. and now only 1 instance per purchase. very disappointing.
  10. can we get a script that collects capes from the mage arena? example: collect 500 guthix capes cheers!
  11. What do I love? Quality of overall scripts What do I hate? The new pricing system, the new 1 instance system & $1 one-day trials.
  12. Admins do respond, but doesn't mean anything will change. Personally I've already stopped purchasing scripts for the most part. Only buying ARK Slayer which was 1 instance anyways.
  13. sometimes I'm really glad i don't have to answer these kinds of people
  14. For sure, usually I would buy a script with the intention of focusing on one specific account and passively raising that same skill with 2 other instances on alts. Just not worth it to pay double for the same result
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