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  1. any warrior guild support yet?
  2. No problem, I'm also noticing an issue with Tai Bwann Trio clue step, the bot gets stuck in an infinite loop where it teleports and runs towards Tai Bwanna, upon arrival the bot teleports out before solving the step. Then proceeds to re-teleport to Tai bwanna and does the same loop again
  3. Seems to be a small issue when the clue gets a step that requires a Slayer ring teleport, the bot right clicks the ring to teleport but then sits in the slayer ring menu
  4. This script isn't worth the money in my opinion, I mentioned to the scripter the bot needed warrior guild bank support and he mentioned he may add it in the future (not a big request at all btw) He suggested I use the custom walker after admitting the custom walker isn't very good 1/10 customer support
  5. Can we have Warrior's Guild bank added to be recognized as closest bank ?
  6. custom pathing doesn't work well...
  7. when i buy food at the Warrior's Guild the bot walks into a corner when trying to bank... https://pastebin.com/X4J7Te5E
  8. i have the entire GUI filled out yet i'm still getting an error
  9. Looks amazing Good work everyone!
  10. right, but it still expands the big massive side-bar in order to run a script
  11. Will there be an option to use the older client as well?
  12. could we get a script selection button on the top right? that will give us a pop-up with the scripts (similar to old client) instead of opening this new big clunky side panel?
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