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  1. Hmm. Keeps trying to buy craws bow even though I have it weilded. it charges it with ether also then attempts to buy another. tried selling the craws bow and letting it buy it itself, it bought it, charged it, then proceeded to try to buy another. Script worked fine on my other account unsure why im running into this bug. edit: put 70m on the account, it bought a 2nd bow and attempted to go to caves with the uncharged bow. just kept autoing revs with no ether.
  2. Perfect script but it doesn't restock trident staff (e) even when enabled in settings. came back to account trying to auto lava dragons for 20 minutes with no charges. I had it set to recharge at 400 charges.
  3. Script still has restocking issues. Plenty of runes in bank after it purchases something with rewards it goes to bank, then ge, then stops.
  4. Restocking is buggy as hell. I can have 5k nat/cosmic/law in bank and I just watched it randomly buy 5k law runes 1k laws/5 diff ge offers. Always have to baby sit the bot in the beginning because no matter how many runes I have it wants to walk to ge and buy more. I've came back to it afking at ge doing nothing for who knows how long
  5. I checked out through paypal and when the paypal window closed it said invalid token, I was charged by my debit card and the script is still in my cart, unpaid for
  6. [23:15:46] Starting client. [23:15:49] Downloading script 'Gods Revenants'. [23:15:53] Script Started: Gods Revenants. [23:15:57] Login bot started. [23:15:57] Login Bot: Login... [23:15:57] Login bot succeeded. [23:15:59] Login bot started. [23:15:59] Login Bot: Login... [23:16:00] Login bot succeeded. [23:18:57] Settings saved successfully: real.ini [23:19:01] java.lang.NullPointerException [23:19:01] at scripts.GodsRevs.mj.d(DeathWalk.java:542) [23:19:01] at scripts.GodsRevs.Revs.L(Revs.java:626) [23:19:01] at scr
  7. It has happened again. Should I be worried about this at all? http://prntscr.com/eolii4
  8. it's also in another posting quoting me so it wouldnt do much
  9. thank you so much. didnt think to request a new password via email
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