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  1. The client must be detectable. My theory is ; They know if you're using OSBuddy(orion, ect), they know if you're using a browser, they know if you're using their RS Client, what would TriBot be? Unknown 3rd party software
  2. I used one other. All I can say is that I think the way they handle dismissing randoms contributed to what got me banned (as I watched it act very strange for about 15-20 seconds.) My account was created in 2002. I think this may be the only reason that they gave me a 3rd chance while most others only receive two. (48 hour -> perm)
  3. Jagex just ripped me a new one, yet was still nice about it giving me a 2nd 48 hour ban. I literally will not be botting on my main, ever again. They mentioned in my message that they are 100% sure that I was macroing and that it is detectable. I will neither confirm nor deny that this was the only script I used on TriBot. Goodluck to everyone else. P.S: You're not safe with LG.
  4. Strange. But don't worry, your money won't be wasted. There is an abundance of intelligent people in this community and it's just a matter of time before someone helps you. My only suggestion would be to re-download JDK in Java or re-download Tribot. As for me, it's working pretty flawlessly. It is my first day using LG as i've always used the client, however, I still barely know how it works except for the fact that it is working, lmao.
  5. I have this picture for the only problem that i'm having with your script. It seems to do nothing in some phases when Zulrah is on the far south side of the map. Maybe this will help, maybe it will not, but I would sure love for this problem to be fixed considering I use this on my main and seems pretty bot-like if it happens every time. It is also slowing down profits. Edit: I've been watching it for a while now and i'm 90% sure that this is the only phase it gets stuck on.
  6. I don't understand how it affects the ban rate... my my main has never been banned. But idk i'll probably use LG sice you've said that. Do you use it over osbuddy?
  7. Any script that has TONS of clicking probably will not work well with LG until it's perfected. Just use the regular client
  8. That would not be good if it only prayed mage or only prayed range during jag phase, so he probably wont do that. However, when zulrah spawns off map I am having an identical issue.
  9. Are all of the items at the top right of your bank, next to eachother?
  10. Well I hope he fixes it for all of you. But then again, i'll be using it on a lower leveled account once I get comfortable with it, so i'd want it fixed as well. But Worthy has been around a really long time on TriBot and i'm confident he will fix the problem.
  11. Well I guess if he teamviewed you and saw the problem there's a real issue, but I still haven't died yet. i'm 99hp/def Also using a 5 item swap & full void.
  12. Oh that's not what I like to hear lol. But i'll take your word for it. Are you 99hp using sharks and karam?
  13. Okay i'll give it a go. I'm on 5 kills and 0 deaths right now, lol. I thought I was gonna be dying a lot but I guess not.
  14. I'm having the same problem. It is also still keeping track of kills/deaths.
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