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  1. I have 2x$20 and 2x$10 I"ll go first if you have more feedback than i do! Willing to sell them separate
  2. I don't personally use the script very often, just occasional bug checks. So i am not sure on the ban-rate.
  3. Good to hear! Let me know of any issues and goodluck!
  4. I think it's fully functional, someone would have to confirm as i do not currently use it. Hmm, Honestly i am not positive why it would do that, How many accounts are you running it on?
  5. I can't fully remember if it's full ABC2 or just partial ABC2. Congrats man! Thank's for checking out the script!
  6. Nothing in the script should have broken, as the guy said above me, wait for a tribot update! If it doesnt fix i will figure it out!
  7. Script should be functioning fine, if it is not, post on the topic and i will fix it pretty quickly!
  8. Edit: Uploaded a fix, let me know how it works as i cannot test today! Thanks!
  9. Edit: Just fixed script, got my source from repo. Thanks for reporting the bug, it should be fixed as of now.
  10. Currently out of town for 2-3 days, However, a quick fix for not re-entering games is Before starting you zoom out all the way on your client and it'll always have the portals in its view at all times.
  11. Hm, I'll have- a look at my code for the portal again, I thought i had fixed it. And for the second thing, i'll add a failsafe. Thanks
  12. It does, that was the requested spot to afk in.
  13. Script should be fully functioning! If it is not, let me know!
  14. Hm, Could you PM me what the script's doing wrong? Thanks!
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