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  1. I'm tired of everyone losing their shit over this. Look guys. What Jagex done was update the game, which rendered the software program inoperable. This hit everyone. It's no particular person's fault and I don't believe tribot should assume 100% of the loss of productivity. You bought the membership knowing full well the risks and disasters involved. At most Trilez shouldn't be expected to cover more than half the missing time.
  2. Lol this guy risks his main. This was a great script last I used it. I look forward to purchasing it again soon. Y'all just don't know how to play the game. Great script.
  3. Is there any way of playing from the browser? EDIT: Actually yojoedude was trying to explain this to someone else earlier and I didn't understand it. He mentions using 3rd part software to proxy one's "osbuddy/Firefox." I guess this is how the game is played since it cannot be played in the browser (on "osbuddy.") But is it Looking Glass we use for these applications? If so, I am very impressed. I didn't know Looking Glass had any functionality outside of tribot.jar...
  4. Thanks a lot bud. Making an order this weekend after a new build is finished. Another user had mentioned using WideCap program with Firefox to play an account through proxy legit. Do you know of any free programs to mask IP to create accounts? It's my understanding this requires HTTPS proxy. I don't want to have to buy HTTPS proxy 1:1 for account creation so I'm looking for secure free services. Thanks.
  5. I imagine quite a bit more bandwidth is required for the client to run as smoothly relaying through the proxy. The vendors you've sponsored offer mostly between 500-1000MB @ 1GBPS and about 192MB RAM. I'm considering running multiple accounts per proxy, which I've never done before, and I'm not sure how many accounts could actually run with those specs. For rather typical CPU-demanding script that is (although I'm not even sure whether my computer's being taxed w/ high CPU-demanding script would even effect the proxy at all)... Any insight or reference links would be greatly appreciated. Bought from most of these shops. Great service, customer support. I always appreciated their business.
  6. Make sure you enter the correct ZIP. My actual ZIP has changed but I never changed my bank info so I'm using a ZIP I don't live at anymore. Go ahead and make sure the whole billing address matches the card. Like I said I use an old address because I never changed my info. Hope this helps.
  7. They provide a good service man. Just some college students who may or may not get around to your problems as soon as you'd like. They shipped my VPS pretty quickly. Your's will probably be on its way soon! That VPS is great !!
  8. It's like it doesn't respond when I hit "start." I'm trying the trial version in Yanille. I'll buy as soon as my trial's out. Could anyone troubleshoot me?
  9. I've been unable to connect to my proxies for a couple hours now. My IP hasn't changed. There are no errors in any debug. I just get either "Remote host closed connection during handshake," or "Could not connect to specified proxy." Usually the former. Edit: Clients running w/ proxies through the VPS are also incredibly laggy. I'm running only one when I can usually manage two, and it is disconnecting every 2-3mins.
  10. Hey that's good enough for me bud! Thanks. I reckon it does support fighting in dungeons w/o banking, right?
  11. I was just trying to do the Edgeville Men. My character kept going up stairs and getting stuck. I'm not sure what was going on, I just can't imagine that this script will bank from anywhere you begin combat. Or will it?
  12. Are there any guides to this? I'd like to buy it. I noticed some problems walking to the bank during the trial. I'd appreciate some guide, or even suggestion on which skills to learn, to mapping out my own bank path.
  13. Hey bud, do you have a planned date for next release?
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