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  1. same shit with JAGEX, they wont ban us all even if they can detect client because theyre making tons and tons of $$ with us
  2. i used to play game caled rsangel its private server of runescape classic. mods there could detect bots there, why it aint possible with TriBot? do you really believe the developers of bot would tell us its detectable? noone would use it anymore and since theyre making tons of $$ with it ofc they wouldnt tell us.
  3. i personally botted 1 character for 20hours total, went legit on it and after week i used client ONCE and got banned for 2 days in one hour (i didnt bot, just played wih client)
  4. okay so most of ppl are sayin client is undetectable. how come? do you guys have any proofs about it? also "flagged ips" i dont believe they actually flag our ips. proxy sht is just 1 good way for you bois to make good $$$ IRL while kids are buying proxies from you. ive been botting on several characters on same time with 1 or 2 characters being banned and rest are still doing their work. (for months) next somebodys going to say "why they dont ban all of us if they can detect client" answer: because they know if they banned all of us, there would be A LOT less supplies like food, ores, her
  5. you know afk training is combared to botting? read jagex rules and you will see afk training at bandits or anywhere is "botting"
  6. works good! ran the script about 30 hours total. few notices: 1. it doesnt bank or drop empty vials/random event loots for me 2. stucks sometimes in front of bank but continues after few minutes 3. had over 8 hours proggy, went smoke and came back sandwich lady just teleported me to fishing guild (random event failed) anyways, good job man! EDIT: 60k xp/h for me
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