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  1. tell me ur price and leave skype, i will only go first if u have more feedbacks then me. sincerly.
  2. I WANNA give my other acc 2m, ive heard in f2p there is 24h limit thing bcuz acc is new. Can i die with 2m in f2p wildy and pick up with other acc? does it work??
  3. can u do that? im back from a big break sorry didnt know
  4. tITLE says it, i pay 07scape gold. Tell me price and leave skype. I will go first if u have more feedbacks then me.
  5. well i did do 1-54 slayer on my obby mauler, turael all the way was running 24/7. Too sad my goal was 55. and i got banned yesterday at 54. well... fagex
  6. comment if u have 2m u can sell to me, 1.3 per mil or 1.4 doesnt matter. just quick. OSRS GOLD ofc.
  7. Sup TriBot, im back here and back on RS. So im doing an essay ive been late with, probably 3-4 weeks late and now he told me i must hand the essay in. Its a essay about two different movies, and i need to compare them. I found a good source, and would love if someone could re-write the words, (not much, 1 page). I have the words, and only need to re-write. Please i really need this and i can pay for it if u want money, but english is too hard for me.. PM if u want me to send the text. (1 page it is, as i mentioned.) sincerly.
  8. i will pay 2.5-2.7$ /M . Pls leave ur skype and price.
  9. buying bond for 1.3m, talking on skype. You go first since i got 24h trade limit
  10. Really need it ASAP. Im willing to pay 2.6$/M
  11. I do actually, but it was a few weeks ago i did the moneymaking, and i sold all of the gold. Now i need new gold to develop it to the large numbers next time i will always save 10-15m in bank.
  12. pm or comment if u have 13m, i pay paypal, need it today. also leave ur skype.
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