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  1. thanks for the updates! do you think you can implement the following at some point in the future? - world hop if another player talks in the vicinity (instead of hopping when it sees X number of players) - mouse keeps hovering over the next closest fishing spot. this is okay, I guess, except then you get this back and forth between the bot moving mouse off screen and then 2 seconds later moving it back to hover, and this occurs over and over in various fishing locations. I don't think any human does this. think it'd be better if when fishing the mouse either stays still or st
  2. annoying as hell right now though, there are 8 hosts running on 330, only 2 of which are legit. the rest of them are scammers and everyone is so weary i'm making 300k/h less than i was before the scammers came in. plus people just lump all bots together when they report so I think im gonna see some bans again very soon edit: if you have a host ready, and i know some of you have been getting these made in bulk, please go bot. can't believe i'm saying this lmao but at least it'll be fewer reports from pissed off buyers
  3. lmfao... this is what happens when the legit bots get banned. The money is alright right now but I'm getting reported in bulk along with the rest of these shits so it's not even worth it. @erickho123 is it possible to scam with your script, i.e. run a seller on an account without requirements? If not, great, but if possible, can you add something to prevent this (e.g. a quest point check)?
  4. @erickho123 was crafting lavas earlier and found the bot stuck trying to withdraw essence for 20+ mins because inventory was full of dueling rings. presumably it needed a ring but misclicked and took out a whole inventory can you add a failsafe for the bot to recognize if there are >1 rings in the inventory? maybe for binding necklaces too?
  5. Yes I would also like my monkfish returned pl0x
  6. christ, i didn't change a single item on my list and it's gone from 150k to 600k. holding my breath that it'll be around the same rate in 10 hours (currently at 2 hours so still a sorta fake proggy)
  7. rofl im gonna be honest, these "the market is shit" posts are making me feel better, i thought i was just total crap at picking items haha. probably still true though.
  8. so I've had this stack of items for almost 3 hours now, and the bot's only aborted twice, one of which it went and increased the sell price. At first I thought the item was just something no one wanted to buy, but I had it sold within 10 minutes manually with a lower sell price, while still ending up with a fairly good margin. Is this a feature or a bug?
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