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  1. Hey, thank you so much for this amazing script. When i try to make item jug of wine, i cant add the task, and if i try to click start anyways it says theres no task. Fire, rogues den, and range all work. Its just make item that doesnt work for me. I tried adding amount and stop at level as well. Hey i just tried to cook lobster on the range in hosidius, and it just stops the script. Heres the bot debug
  2. Yeah, but i believe it doesnt make sense to click the map when the screen tiles/bar dispenser are available in camera view. More logical approach would be to click next to bar dispenser instead of the map, humanly speaking.
  3. Hi, great script however, after using the conveyer belt, it clicks the map to take out the bars from bar dispenser, even though the bar dispenser is very visible in camera view. It doesnt make sense for any human to do this if the bar dispenser is visible in camera view.
  4. Fails to walk on rune mysteries and prince ali. I didnt include prince ali debug. Also it actually fails open doors, it clicks to open the door, but it does another click on the npc it wants to talk to before the door opens and it just keeps clicking the npc. Did this both on prince ali and rune mysteries. It also does this anywhere there is another click close to the door, like a ladder. Aswell on prince ali it fails to finish the dialogue. Bot debug Hi, More debugs on death plateau . Fails to start quest when asked "would you like to start quest?" Burthrope
  5. Does it buy items for same price all the time? or is it randomized? Right now it seems like it keeps buying the same item for the same price everytime it needs it. creates a pattern?
  6. Also, if you don't have enough coins, it bugs out. withdraws coins, opens ge, realizes not enough coins, opens bank, deposits coins, withdraws coins and repeat..
  7. Gets stuck trying to click lvl 1 tree's that is unreachable, keeps trying to click or right click and fails. Also there is literally tree's next to character, but bot chooses to hit a tree far away instead. And it hovers over next tree as ''antibann'' feature, then when its done cutting the tree, afk antibann kicks in for couple seconds, so whats the point of hovering over next tree if the character is afk? btw this was at varrock.
  8. Aha okay, but are they customized for every bot? Thanks for the response too btw.
  9. Could you make it so we can customize the settings? Mouse speed? reaction time? keyboard or mouse to turn camera? keyboard or mouse for interactions? camera turn frequency? zoom in and zoom out? Check skill sometimes? check friends list? check settings? AFK'ing at bank sometimes? some more antiban atleast right now it's just standard antiban.
  10. it spam clicks the chatbox when trying to attack zulrah if zulrah is like under or close to chatbox so have to use rezisable mode and it works, but yeah just letting u know. Also is there a way to make the mouse speed a range type thing? like 100-120 example it's weird to have same exact same mouse speed for every click right i would assume.
  11. It didn't open for me, maybe just that specific spot. And yeah whats so humanlike of just attacking the npc over and over it literally didn't do anything else without opening the door instead just waits for npc to respawn. The thing that got me was it used amulet of glory to teleport and then was running back to training spot? like what? explain that if you know so much :/. Anyways just my opinion. goodluck anyways, wish it goes well really. Just had to say how it went for me, obviously if it did open the door, and if it didn't run to bank immediately when starting script and logging out,
  12. Does not open doors. also if you start at training area, it just goes to bank and logs out for me. Could you make so it can open doors. Right now it looks so botlike. No good antibans. no mouse off screen. no spacebar to ''click to continue'' when you level up, it clicks instead or just completely ignore it maybe better. Needs AFK'ing and mouse off screen so it randomizes next click, and not always takes the closest npc. hovers over food and npc most of the time. and during my session it randomly used amulet of glory and then started walking back to training area. like what the fuc
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