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  1. Ive been running this script for almost a month solid now and still going strong. I am trying out the "Free Farm" method, It works good but is there a way to tell the bot how much food to take or tell it to take no food? I am just killing some low lvl NPCs for bones and don't want to waste food/inv space. Thanks!
  2. Hello, first off thank you for making this bot, been waiting for a while for something like this. As I am playing on an IronMan account and don't have allot of super compost just laying around and only want to use it on herb patches, would it be possible to add the option for compost to each task I create instead? Also every time I start the script it had compost enabled and I have to manually disable it. Also after watching the bot for a bit I realized I can optimize my farming runs if a reorganize the farming tasks a bit, would it be possible to add a button so that I can reorganize the
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