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  1. I've actually finished all 3 quests i was looking to do but next account i make i will be sure to get a bunch of screenies for you. Dwarf Cannon had a lot of errors as well as Death Plateau. Waterfall was almost flawless.. I'll screenie the errors next time i go through them though
  2. Deleted my comment, Waterfall is working fine. It got stuck one time in the very beginning but other than that it has been good. Dwarf Cannon doesn't work too well though so just a heads up
  3. for some reason the script kills the animated armor but doesn't loot the armor or the tokens and then just leaves the room, anyone have some help for me?
  4. i just reinstalled java and it worked but thank you!
  5. Hey there fellas, Whenever i try to load my clients it states that they're running an updation process that never ends and the only time i did get it to end the scripts i was attempting to use didn't work, stating there was a negative file size error. I am running on a mac 10.11.4. Thanks!
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