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  1. The trade was initiated in the unofficial Discord server, he asked if anyone could sell him proxies, and I told him I could. Also claiming I scammed him when I never alluded to a refund, nor am I obliged to do so. I had tried to compromise with him, but he doesn't want to hear anything I have to say, and just immaturely demands refunds for proxies that could be working. There is no "scam" here folks, user got what he paid for. (Preivate socks5 IP authenticated proxies) I'm trying to rebuild my reputation, not demolish it.
  2. This trade has nothing to do with Tribot I offered to replace any proxies that didn't work You never really specified a problem other than "These proxies are shit give me my money back"I am not obliged to refund you, I offered you a partial refund out of goodwill. I have provided you with several new proxies to which you threw in my face. At this point, I will replace any proxies that don't work, but I am no longer offering the partial refund I offered you before.
  3. Upload pictures to an uploading site like imgur, and then use the insert image () tool and paste in your url.
  4. as per request of @Usa Market Ban Appeal References: Apology Dispute I appreciate any community input, but please refrain from posting criticism on this thread unless you are staff! (No bashing please)
  5. Flagged IP / Account creation address is significantly different than IP the account is first logged into.
  6. It's very hard to make money on F2P, any good methods usually aren't shared. Try a Wine Grabber.
  7. Just ignore the RS3 section, it's irrelevant at this point.
  8. Yes, you can quest as many accounts as you want. However, you can only have 2 running at one time per authorization.
  9. @Netami This is you bro.
  10. Yeah it does, I remember Trilez saying he added GE support a while back.
  11. In Canada the ISP's retain static IP's for clients as well. You literally have to move location physically to get a new one from your provider.
  12. Dude, you're doing something wrong. When I run f2p cow killers they last like a month, I usually max strength on cows tbh.
  13. Gamete


    Yo m8 hope u have an 8/8 stay
  14. Gamete

    plan to max.

    Yes, any issues like that are definitely fixed. I'm pretty sure Erick's script (exnmz) is one of the best for this, some kind of buyer-seller interaction between script users.
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