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  1. I spent 10 dollars on this bot and it hasn't even worked once. I only have a week left, and nobody has granted me access to the beta. I would either like a refund or like access to the script that I paid for, as this is unacceptable.
  2. I hate to keep posting, but I still don't have access to the beta. Considering I paid for this script, I would really like something that functions. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks. Much appreciated. Could you add me on skype perhaps? I sent you an invite.
  4. I purchased this script and can not get it to work. Could I please be added to the beta? I've tried numerous times to get the script to work but I cannot even though I've followed the instructions a ton of times.
  5. omg shark is unbanned =0
  6. Not exactly a GREAT job with editing out the cc. I just hopped a few worlds reporting bots that were wine grabbing. Go figure, a few of them were probably yours. I suggest you find a new spot asap, because Jagex probably doesn't take kindly to your farm. I'm just assisting them. Thank me later =)
  7. Are you..freaking..serious? I swear, everytime I have an idea, everyone bashes it, then a few months later it becomes a thing. I came up with the internet. Ev1 doubted it. A few months later the world wide web was invented. I CAME UP WITH FACEBOOK. >.> I asked ppl if I should make a social network that people could use, ev1 said no, a few months later BOOM facebook. There's tons of more things like that but now on to the botting community... I asked people if I should make a rs07 bot, ppl bashed it, few months later, BA-BAM. I recommended calling my bot Tribot & ev1 bashed it, few months later BA-BAM I find out about Tribot. Lol. :\ I'm about to just start doing the opposite of what people say to do. Anyone interested in other guys? Jk And yeah that's gonna add up, esp if you're running a bot farm on a VPS. And that prob also slows down the FPS during the random.
  8. Great bot, but for some reason hogs alot of cpu, around 2-3x as much as other fishing bots. Could you please look into this? Thanks
  9. My clients constantly whitescreen/freeze when they get teleported to randoms such as classroom or maze. At first I thought it was the script I was using, but it does it with every script I've used so far. I have no idea why it's freezing, but it's rather irritating.
  10. I honestly love this bot. However, when it's banking at catherby sometimes it clicks on the deposit box and gets stuck. Maybe you could add something to x out of the deposit box? Also it gets stuck in front of the fletching shop if it happens to stop walking right in front of it. They aren't HUGE problems, but if you could fix them, fishing at catherby would literally be flawless. Also, when I'm fishing at the fishing guild if the bot gets in range of the bank but it's not in the camera view it will get stuck. A solution would be to spin the camera to the lowest height every 5-10 minutes/just have the bot run at the lowest camera height overall. At the lowest height the bank will always be visible from where it gets stuck. Once again, not a huge flaw because it doesn't happen much, but if you get around to fixing it that would help the fishing guild =). Thanks again for making this amazing script, and I completely understand if you don't want to fix these small problems.
  11. Combat randoms no longer work with metafisher. When they were handled by the fisher they worked fine, however now the swarm doesn't work and I've witnessed accounts die. I'm not sure if this is metafisher's fault, but I assume it isn't.
  12. I know you said that the bot looks more "bot like" when it fishes at both docks at the fishing guild, but I feel that it looks way more bot like when it just stands still and doesn't fish when there is a spot right across the way from it. Could you possibly implement a thing into the gui to let people choose if they want to fish at both docks? Because running on one dock loses an outrageous amount of xp and sharks.
  13. Hey new, I keep finding my account in lumbridge, but I know for a fact it hasn't died. It's just chilling in lumby bank. I think that the bot might detect a random event as a "teleport" and think that you are no longer at your fishing spot. Then when the random is done, you end up in lumbridge because the bot teles you there.
  14. Great script, however I don't understand why it only fishes sharks at one of the docks at the fishing guild. My bot is having trouble finding a spot sometimes and it severely cuts the xp per hour that I am getting. Please make it to where it fishes on both docks. Thanks.
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