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  1. shaco1

    Create a bot

    Ye, my current plan is to install 5 VM's + OS and run an autoclicker on each window... That would burdon my computer much more than just running 5 seperate runescape clients ofcourse. That's why i was asking. However, since I see no other solution i will just try the method i just mentioned. Thanks for the answers!
  2. shaco1

    Create a bot

    Hello guys, I used to write some scripts for tribot about a year ago. Today i'd like to take things elsewhere. My plan: Create an autoclicker bot (yesyes i know, no comment on detectability please). If i'd like to run multiple bots i'd have to create a VM, install OS, autoclicker,... My question: Is it possible to run multiple runescape clients on my computer, each window having it's own mouse? Thus create a simple "bot" client for which i can execute an autoit autoclicker on each client. Kind regards
  3. hello guys, I'm looking the best autoclicking software that does record not only the mouseclicks but also keeps track of the time in between those clicks. Further more it would be nice if i can safe certain profiles (and thus end up with many different profiles in the end). Any suggestions? kind regards
  4. perhaps i wasn't clear. I'm not looking for methods, just merely interested in WHAT you guys are doing; botting, on how many accounts, what profit/hour you manage to achieve, etc Jeez, just some general shit. People tend to post the same answers on every topic just to boost up there postcount.
  5. that's not what i've been asking for. I've been around long enough to know that shit. Just wanted to hear what the rest of the people are up to atm. if there's still goldfarmers on these forums or not
  6. so with bond prices at an all time high my simple botting scripts of 100k/h are not cutting it for me. It takes 24 hours (2 days/14 days) for botting just to break even. What are u guys currently doing to make some profit? Or did you move on? As i can tell from the script section most of the scripts date back from 2014 lol. Just wanted to hear what you guys are up to
  7. shaco1

    Buying 20m 07

    Price: negotiable skype: blooddrups paymentmethod: any way you can think of!
  8. shaco1

    Buying 40-50m

    buying either 200m rs3 or 40-50m rs07 rates can be discussed on skype: blooddrups Payment options: paypal moneybookers paysafecard ebay *i got more trustworthy accounts on other botting forums. I'm willing to go first to trusted people, or use an mm if necessary.
  9. shaco1

    Buying 200m rs3

    Add me on skype please!
  10. Price can be negotiated! add me on skype Payment methods: skrill/paypal
  11. payment options: skrill/paypal/paysafecard/... whatever! prefer the using an mm for the deal itself
  12. i'd need 10 accounts with tutorial island completed. Could you create them on a custom email and change the email right after to my desired emailaccount? (to forward all accounts to 1 emailaccount?) kind regards
  13. shaco1


    thanks i'll take a look at it! @silver can you take your casual trash talk elsewhere. @yganni No i'm running exactly the same scripts on all accounts.
  14. shaco1


    where do you buy these at? i'm interested. @hexx
  15. shaco1

    Gold farm beginning

    U use vps? proxies? how do u use them?
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