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  1. UPDATE: 2.6 Date 26/07/2020 Removed Profit calculation(The api I was using no longer works and was breaking the script) Don't have time to work on it now, so just removed profit calc.Tested other function of the script and everything works fine.
  2. I guess I can do that, but 1st i need to make the damn thing work again ^^.
  3. Hello, im back(idk for how long).I'll look into the script and update it.
  4. Wrong section <_<.This is Tutorial Requests. You want to go to Script Requests ->https://tribot.org/forums/forum/38-requests/
  5. Use Clicking class, it does all the randomness for you in a human like pattern
  6. Need a bit more info ^^.Errors or anything?The main cause of this could be bad java install.You JVM is fucking up. That could be a rendering issue too.Does tribot work fine without a script running.How are other games running.Try running the bot on a virtual machine to see if something on your system that is causing the issue.
  7. No, its the tribot.jar in your .tribot/dependecies If on windows it's ->C:\Users\"User_Name"\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies You can use %appdata% in the start->search bar to open the Roaming folder .And navigate to the .tribot folder(dot->.tribot)
  8. Red_Spark

    Tips to start

    Ye it's fine.I general VPS ends up being cheaper to run than your own machine(Electricity and hardware cost)
  9. https://discord.gg/meGjpjm Dedicated to Tribot
  10. Very useful and works great. Just need to replace Filter<RSItem> with Predicate<RSItem>, since Filter is Deprecated
  11. @Laniax this is awesome.Makes the code a lot clearer and easier to write.
  12. Interface wise i was always looking for a nicer solution thank for that.What i was doing is having a database interfaces that I use for all my bots.So if something changed i would only need to change one value to fix it for all my scripts :).With your idea i can add some self correcting code to scan for the interface via text/action... and update the database value. The while loop is not infinite.It breaks out if the bot miss-clicks 3-5 times.But adding the timeout as a fail-safe is not a bad idea.I'll do that from now on
  13. A small snippet that selects the Item or Noted option in bank. If notedOn = true ,it will enable Noted in bank notedOn = false ,it will enable Item in bank UPDATE: Added a fail safe for the click loop(times out after 10 sec) Now scanning for the interface via Text(that method should be moved outside and only called one pet bot run or when the interface needs to be updated) Using Entity Selector by laniax please download it and import it. Topic: GitRepo: https://github.com/Laniax/Entity-Selector public static boolean setNoted(boolean notedOn) { //Getting Note button state RSVarBit varBit = RSVarBit.get(3958); if (varBit == null) { General.println("VarBit null for Item/Noted"); return false; } //Setting noted button to on/off if (varBit.getValue() == (notedOn ? 1 : 0)) { //It's already set to on/off return true; } //Getting the Item/Note button interface RSInterface button = Entities.find(InterfaceEntity::new) .inMaster(12) .textEquals(notedOn ? "Note" : "Item") .getFirstResult(); if (button == null) { General.println("Item/Note button interface is null"); return false; } //Trying to click on the Item/Note button int buttonClickAttempts = 0; long loopFailSafe = Timing.currentTimeMillis(); while (!Clicking.click(button)) { buttonClickAttempts++; General.sleep(500, 1000); if (buttonClickAttempts >= General.random(3, 5)) { General.println("Too many failed attempts to click Item/Note button"); return false; } if(Timing.timeFromMark(loopFailSafe) > 10000){ General.println("Method timed out after 10+sec"); return false; } } //Fail safe check if we really set Item/Note return Timing.waitCondition(() -> varBit.getValue() == (notedOn ? 1 : 0), General.random(2000, 3000)); } Happy Coding!
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