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  1. When i run this script it laggs so much it cannot even grab the wines. When i stopt script game is workig fine again?
  2. Back when i first joined tribot some people were doing free script requests as they could profit themself to of the method. I found a method which is quite good for making money just need someone to do this for free. :/ If someone could do this HMU in pm so we can discuss further on skype. Regards,
  3. You can buy credits from other users. @butta sold me some yesterday.
  4. Reddington

    Quick questiion!

    Hello, I currenty have not a anything to invest besides vip-e which i purchased. I do not have a vps or anything can i just start botting on my personal IP first till i make some bux to buy further requirements? or?
  5. This is a amazing script i love all the scripts FC makes. Got a account with 90 wooductting thanks to FC his woodcutter. Started a new acc for wooductting as i lost credentials of the 90 woodcutting one. Everything was fine till it stopped working for me i switched to another script from another user and instant ban this shows how good the scripts of FC are. Because never had a ban before with your scripts.! Keep it up man!
  6. Last location before getting banned?:Rimmington willows Skill botted?: Woodcutting Breaks or no? No If so how long?: Permanent How long did you bot per day?: 6-8 hours Banned before?: On this ip no. Type of ban?: Macroing Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: Nah Scripts Used? Autowc Other Bots Used?: Yes FC Woodcutting never had problems with dat script but it stopped working so moved to Autowc and boom banned! How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 25-01-2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Yes fresh acc days used 4
  7. Paint aint showing anymore now to. IDK whats wrong with this script it used to be the best out there.
  8. also when selected normal banking is not working
  9. bot keeps giving me errors with looking glass after like 30 minutes.
  10. I used to buy vip extended with bitcoins but the feature is gone? Could someone elaborate to me how i can buy credits now with bitcoins? Regards,
  11. Script not working again. The gui is not popping up and it runs straight to bank banks my axe and runs to wooductting tutor to stay there rest of the time. Then it runs to bank and runs back to the tutor over and over edit: Seems to work again now!
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