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  1. Yeah I think they made the mistake of giving too much away
  2. Dude you must be so unlucky. Your account got banned in the manual ban wave Jagex Acorn did on the days you were botting ?
  3. You cannot turn on/off ABCL2 it is built into the scripts
  4. I didn't claim anything like this I don't currently bot. I was just making a claim that it could be jagex wiping gold. Still I will keep my comments on this thread strictly about the script itself, sorry for the hassle
  5. Looks awesome. Do you use large stacks? Also I'm looking to start with this script. Would you reccomend 1 account and 30m to start with?
  6. Is there any list on grand exchange item limits about? Some I have found are not complete lists
  7. I wont ask any premium scripter, thats why I posted here. If someone is looking to make a script they will look here and answer me. Also for the price my budget is negotiable but unlimited.
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