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  1. ezpg

    Assume's paint api

    Thanks alot m8, looks really nice and is a basic start to having a nice controlable paintgui
  2. ezpg

    VIP Extended

    When you decide to use a script, first take a good look at the thread about it, and check for the latest comments. Also use the build in breakhandler which can be found under View Happy botting m8
  3. finally fixed it ^^ @sevant @jammemss
  4. So for some reason my mouselisteners were causing it to internally crash and not show any errors. I'm still trying to figure out why the mouselisteners cause a break
  5. Man if I were a customer of you i'd pack my bags, leave and never look back... The way you talk to your customer is against every rule a salesman has.. Other than that, you should have given him atleast a day or ask him to use teamviewer and you could simply show him that it actually worked
  6. Strange it actually starts for me, but doesn't show the GUI. It doesn't even end. Thanks tho ^^
  7. Locally the gui shows perfectly fine but when I commit the following script to the repository it doesn't show my GUI. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  8. @sevant I have no clue why, but it simply doesn't want to show the GUI i'll make a post at help
  9. It's updated. Sorry it took me so @jammemss long had problems with my GUI
  10. ezpg

    AIO User

    Use https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50783-abcl-10-ez-potions-free/ At the custom tab you can do what you desire make sure you put the correct names, it will use ingredient 1 (item 1 in your case) on the second, and that will produce something i asume which is the result. It also supports tasks, so when it's out of resources for the first task, it will move on to the second. If it is out of resources and tasks it will simply stop running and log off.
  11. @Red_Spark I'm so sorry m8, the sun is killing me while fasting... The way you had it before was perfect. you only sleep if the node is valid and should be executed. The way I read it before is that you were putting a sleep after each node ignoring wether it is valid or not
  12. I'd change this private void mainLoop(int min, int max) { while (true) { for (final Node node : nodes) { // Loop through the nodes. if (node.validate()) { // Validate each node node.execute(); // Execute sleep(General.random(min, max)); // time inbetween executing // nodes. } } } }into: private void mainLoop(int min, int max) { while (true) { for (final Node node : nodes) { // Loop through the nodes. if (node.validate()) { // Validate each node node.execute(); // Execute break; } } sleep(General.random(min, max)); // time inbetween executing // nodes. } }This way you stop sleeping at an unnecesary node, which will result in your nodes reacting faster.
  13. Thanks for the feedback m8, once the client is up again, i'll commit the update. Just changed it so you can put an amount when making custom potions. It should also stop banking your pestle and mortar. However it doesn't know when it's making stuff that require pestle and mortar. So simply pause the script and bank the pestle and mortar when you don't need it for now ^^
  14. That dude looks like a proper tranny, would not trust if my life depended on it.
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