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  1. Still looking for 5 credits worth of GP
  2. I am online for the next few fours. Not counting pennies, will take first decent offer. I can go first if you are a trusted merchant, otherwise you'll have go first. I am trusted merchant on Sythe and ex premium scripter here.
  3. Sorry for the delay. To spec with main weapon check "Use special attacks" but leave weapon id empty. About alching, I do not like it. Use dedicated alching script.
  4. You could set the token count roughly to the count that takes you to clear inventory of food (~800 on medium stats character). That way on every bank trip you'll also get tokens. Another way is to gather a ton of tokens first by setting token count high, and then restart the script and set token count low. That way it won't go to gather tokens between food trips. I know it's not perfect but it's pretty close to what you're asking and there are some logistical problems to do it the way you want to.
  5. Trilez is working on a fix tldr At this time combat is unusable because couple of very important combat related functions are broken. Do not bot until tribot is updated.
  6. It kind of already does that. It picks up coins and bones only when they are closer than cyclopes. I think I'll keep it that way. I would suggest to try less crowded realm.
  7. All good stuff. 2 things. One, the banking API is now, in my experience, solid enough to not have to worry about putting all the stuff to top level. Two, seems like you have been botting quite a few hours with this script, don't get greedy, bot responsibly and do not get yourself banned The script is still one of the safest ofc. I do not like the alching idea very much because, if need be, you can still pick up the black items and bank them. You probably eat food faster than cyclopes drop loot, so inventory space shouldn't be an issue. I think it's better to focus on combat and
  8. Takes more time than dying and running back. Also it only takes couple of hours to gain lvls so that you dont die anymore.
  9. There is no such option. I am getting trolled right?
  10. I'm at the well and I don't seem to find the make-all option. Where is it?
  11. Alright good to know, Ill look into that tomorrow
  12. @TRiLeZ The wrapper download link seems to be broken.
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