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  1. Can confirm. NPC detection is broken and they even changed models ever so slightly. Trilez is only one that can help us now.
  2. Yes I have, you want to read the very first answer. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/27767-common-bot-script-problems-that-can-be-solved-by-you/
  3. Yes, hover your mouse over the custom loot ids box in gui and you'll see all the noteoworthy ids, however, no alching feature is available.
  4. Hmm I might do it. No promises tho. Ban rate seems to be low. You could go throught this thread and count all the ban reports. If you do this let me know I am not sure about $$/hr, have never really cared about gp. You could check out loot from 1000 series to questimate the profits. Here he got 2M for 1000 cyclopes, which took him almost 7000 tokens. (700minutes) If we do not count gathering the tokens we can estimate the profit per hour to be 2M/11.5 = 170k/hr If you are talking about prayer flickering then no. Not gonna happen. Mainly because it's asking a ban and secondly it's useless. The free food is 10 tiles away.
  5. Updated the script v3.30! Improved spec percentage detection and calculationDisabled first time entry into dragon cyclopes area
  6. All valid points tho. The biggest one being the door. Saradomin sword drains 100% of the spec bar and it takes 360 seconds to regenerate. So it should be as accurate as it gets. How long does it wait before using the spec again?
  7. You could move to Warrior Guild if you reach 130 attack+strength
  8. Hello. Thank you for the feedback. I am aware of the script not being able to properly talk to the lady on first entry to dragon cyclopes area. I'm trying to level an account eligible for warrior guild to fix this. In the meantime I should really disable it... However, the other issues should not happen. No idea what caused the world hopping bug. The script should only world hop if you are not in your world where you started the script. (as a measure to log out from bot worlds) Also it should pick up dragon defender always, as it's a priority loot. And also the spec is measured very accurately, each weapon has had its spec drain percentage and recovery time measured. What weapon are you using? All in all, there is little I can do to help you. I have spent tens (maybe hundreds) of hours looking at the script run. However, If you'd provide video material to assist me there's little nothing I couldn't fix.
  9. Yeah. I coded the first time basement entry from a video. Apparently it's still broken
  10. There's a 5ms hidden delay. Trilez' quote from his scripting tutorial: Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return Interfaces.get(12) != null; }}, General.random(4000, 5100)); As for OP question, the Timing.waitCondition() is nothing more than glorified while loop with a break on timeout. Also some people here mentioned that Timing.waitCondition() promotes readability. It doesn't. Having your code full of anonymous inner classes is the opposite of readability. However, it is still a useful function. One way to promote readability is to use Java 8 lambdas. To do that we'd need to mirror Tribot's Timing and Condition classes because the API classes cannot be used with lambdas. If we do that we'd end up conditional sleep code looking something like this: Timing.wait(() -> !Banking.isBankScreenOpen(), 5000L);Much better than the @Override monsters... Notice that in my case the condition means sleep condition, as long as the condition is true the script sleeps. In Tribot's case the opposite is true, the script sleeps until some condition returns true. So, say you are opening a bank.. In my case you'd have to use !Banking.isBankScreenOpen() to sleep as long as the bank screen is not open. In Tribot's case you'd have to use Banking.IsBankScreenOpen() as it stops sleeping when the bank is opened. It's totally unnecessary, but to me, thinking this way has always been slightly annoying, so I inverted it. Our timing class: import org.tribot.api.General;public final class Timing { private Timing() {} /** * Sleeps while sleepCondition is true; breaks on specified timeout */ public static void wait(Condition sleepCondition, long timeout) { long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); while (sleepCondition.active()) { if (timeFromMark(startTime) > timeout) { break; } General.sleep(200, 300); } } public static long timeFromMark(long t) { return org.tribot.api.Timing.timeFromMark(t); }}And our functional interface: @FunctionalInterfacepublic interface Condition { boolean active(); }
  11. It never was broken. It might break again if RS gets updated, though.
  12. It's actually not that bad. This script has 28079 users at this time, while some of them are inactive it's still pretty popular script. The more users you have the more people get banned, it's only natural. However, 28k users and an occasional ban report is good enough for me. Also I remind all that the script is ABCL10. And I have not once been banned on membership empty worlds and I have over 20 accounts under my belt, leveled them warrior guild eligible on cows.
  13. I could add extra ways to detect the ladder, in fact I will do that tomorrow. So if one fails another is being used, however, I am sure the problem will persist.
  14. Maybe it breaks occasionally after RS updates? It is better that it breaks there, rather than in combat. The same function that traverses all the ladders in this script is used for the backyard ladder as well. And we do not get stuck at the other ladders. Maybe?
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