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  1. Updated the script to v3.28! Possibly fixed progressive mode based on videos I was sent.
  2. It's kind of pain to do. Can't you just adjust token count so you run out of tokens at the same time as food? Usually 500 - 800 does the trick. Alternatively you could gather 5000k amount of tokens and then bot only cyclopes as long as you want.
  3. First time I hear it. Were you botting dragon or rune cylopes? EDIT: Seems to be eating fine.
  4. No, sorry. Gets stuck at opening dragon cyclopes door. If you would be so kind and lend me your account the moment it gets stuck (do not open the door yourself) I can automate it again.
  5. Sorry for taking so long guys. It's fixed now, those bastards increased the backyard area size.
  6. To make it more interesting you should include a table that shows net income and expenses. The cost of proggies, cost of memberships, your time invested, how much is your $$ income per hour invested, etc.
  7. Anthony just release another episode, this time for 1000 dragon cylopes.
  8. Updated the script to v3.26! Added null check for potion shop interface
  9. Stop taking it so personal. It's controversial because you make it so. You are given a clear set of feedback: 1) exceptions can be thrown in multiple parts of the code 2) scripts are too fresh, there is no user feedback. If I would receive this feedback I would fix the code and be done with it, instead of just trying to talk my way out of it. As for user feedback there is nothing you could do except maybe encouraging users to leave feedback. You say that you can maintain and write a perfect script that works good (I believe you) and in the next sentence say that you do not have the required time to make a proper script?!? Honestly, you need to drop your ego, it would take you 2 hours while watching TV to add null checks to your code and be done with it.
  10. I like that you make use of lambdas. I like that you use github and not pastebin, shows some level of professionalism. I like that you make use of ABC but why not just use #abcUtil.performTimedActions instead of single-handedly performing each individual action? I don't like that your scripts are too fresh, we have no idea what users actually think, your attitude towards users etc. About current feedback. Indeed you do not null check definition and names. And sometimes if you do, you do it incorrectly. rsObject.getDefinition() != null && rsObject.getDefinition().getName().equals("Tunnel");I know those are a pain to do but it needs to be done, given that this is like the only thing Trilez talked about in his tutorial. Taco is totally right about your attitude. He pointed out possible null check errors, you failed to see his point and lashed out in defensive manner. 1-3 paragraphs are, in your case, 1-3 sentences. Reading this I felt like "I've been here before, i am back, give me my scripter, now.", to illustrate my point. Generally tho. I do not find anything wrong with your code, it even feels "clean" which is rare enough for scripter applications. I don't think the aforementioned is enough to deny scripter rank. Also the first snippet link is broken, points to your user profile.
  11. Why did the password change attempt fail?
  12. Jagex does sometimes wipe your bank instead of banning you, so this could be interpreted as hacking, but it's not. It happens more often if you're botting stats and not gold, like combat.
  13. Anthony just released an episode loot from 1000 cyclopes. Go check it out
  14. I have coded a failsafe for that. It should work. At least it did work when i made it.
  15. Heads up everyone! The script currently cannot enter dragon cyclopes area if it's your first time there, so the progressive mode is kinda broken. My attempt to level an account to fix this was banned once again. So if anyone is kind enough to share me an account that has NOT yet entered dragon cyclopes area would be much appreciated. It will only take 15min.
  16. It does pick up the loot. I am sure it is caused by RS updates and you are just being impatient. The script just doesn't change it's behavior unless I have updated it. The only way you can get behavior anomalies is if rs has been updated and Tribot hasn't. This happens multiple times in a week. Just be patient. I'll explain the looting algorithm: The bot picks up all loot except bones and coins that is in 8 tile radius after it finishes killing cyclops. It picks up coins and bones if they're nearer than new cyclopes. It doesn't stop fighting cyclopes because there's no surefire way to detect npcs that are attacking you, NPC could be attacking you but someone else might have attacked it before the bot could react or you could have attacked an npc but some other npc backstabbed you. I've tried looting during combat, it just gets messy and doesn't work out. Let's say I add looting during combat (it was once in the script). You attack target, you detect dragon med helm 5 tiles away, you pick up the helm, you are now surrounded by new cyclopes and the one chasing you. Now what happens is any of the new cyclopes could attack you or you could get new target from the surrounding cyclopes. Even worse there could be multiple cyclopes trying to attack you at once. All in all it is pretty much impossible to detect which one is the right one.
  17. No. I don't get any of those problems which is why I asked for screenshot/video
  18. Updated the script v0.92! Added failsafe to get back to cows from anywhere
  19. Could you maybe get screenshot/video of this? And also screenshot of the GUI. So i can exactly duplicate the problem.
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