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  1. What features would you like to see exactly?
  2. Thanks. Added external download links.
  3. EDIT: Yes, the script SHOULD now re-equip items upon death.
  4. This is an open source script. All ideas, criticism and feedback is appreciated. Source can be found on Github repo. Script name: CowHideKiller Script author: karlrais Version: 0.92 Efficiency: 200+ hides per hour Exp per hour: >19k with 73str and dragon long Description: The script will kill cows at the Lumbridge cow area. You can choose to loot cowhides or just kill cows. You can choose to bank in the Lumbridge top floor, Lumbridge cellar or Al-Kharid. It death-walks and re-equips your items upon death. It also resets your combat stance should you ever die. It saves your initally equipped gear and combat stance, so if you want to change gear or train another stat then you have to restart the script. The script has ABCL10 !!! HOW TO RUN THIS SCRIPT ??? Find my script on the repository LINK Click Add Log in to client All done! You can now start the script basically from anywhere (Start Script -> Combat-> CowHideKiller -> Start Best proggies ever: Release notes:
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