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  1. I'll go add some failsafes for staying in the pit.
  2. I'm sorry but no. I cannot do anything since i most certainly didnt code it to click a tree and I have successfully used it for hundreds of hours. If you'd maybe capture the bug on video i could fix any problem, however, i am 90% sure it is caused by the recent RS update and you got nothing to worry about soon.
  3. Updated the script v0.15! Updated fireplace interfaceWorks now
  4. Updated the script v 3.23! Added custom shop API Shopping should now work
  5. Still broke. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/56102-read-before-posting-more-about-script-not-running/
  6. Tested and can confirm that shop API is broken, have to wait for Trilez.
  7. Shop interface is returning null, rookie mistake by me, however, it should fix itself.
  8. Not anymore no. My professional opinion is that you'll get banned only by getting reported. Stick to empty-ish world and you'll be fine. During testing what I have found out is that in crowded worlds some people start talking to you and if you fail to respond they'll report you. Once someone asked me if i was a bot (i was) i then paused the script and asked why did you think that I was a bot? He said because I had rune chain. Then someone else said that even though I speak he still thinks I am a bot because of my low stats and high RC skill. So imo the root cause of bans is the report system. It is like this in all online games I've played. I am aware of the issue. I was promised an account so that I could fix it since it is a one time bug.
  9. karlrais

    Java Problem

    Is that valid?
  10. karlrais

    Java Problem

    Ok. I think the symlink is pointing to your old java path. If you do right click -> properties on java.exe in the javapath folder where does the target location point to? I didn't find any way to directly modify the symlink in windows, however, you could try deleting them and reinstalling java once again. It should recreate them.
  11. karlrais

    Java Problem

    Hard to say. I would 1) try deleting .tribot folder and re-downloading the loader and 2) run the loader from command line that way you should get an error message that might help solve the problem. For example: java -jar TRiBot_Loader.jar
  12. Updated the script v0.91 Improved navigating inside the lumbridge castle. Should the bot click outside the castle the script will instantly correct itself.
  13. It does actually prioritize looting over killing if the loot is nearer than the cow. It is actually more efficient than looting over killing because the cows are 1-hit mostly. I'll go change something with the pathing at lumbridge castle.
  14. Mouse over the custom loot ids box or label and it'll show most of the useful id's. For anything useless go to http://www.itemdb.biz/. There's 2 ids for every item, the even number is noted and odd one is real item so you want the odd numbers only.
  15. Q: What is the difference between $10 and $20 versions? A: $10 = can only run 1 account at the same time; $20 = run as many accounts as you want. No other difference.
  16. It trains whatever stance you have selected when starting the script. It was intended to set your stance back to original because sometimes it switched itself, however, I am think about removing this feature because the API is down more often than not, causing all bots to train attack.
  17. Allright I'll take a jab. @Rag.rs First of I didn't run the code but I have a hunch there's a problem with the core logic. What is AntiBan class? You should include the full source code, I think your AntiBan class is redundant, however, custom antiban is always good idea as long as it's truly randomized. I've added abcUtil.performTimedActions right before clicking enchant spell. Class name should be BoltEnchanter not Bolt_Enchanter, State should be State not STATE, lots of more naming convention problems. You should format the code. I know it is hard to do on the forums but snippets this long should be posted to pastebin or github. // here are fields... // checking State // etc Lots of useless comments, in fact I removed all comments and replaced with methods. I added further comments to help you improve the script. I would have made ids static, start time should not be static. #Optinal. Instead of calling Inventory.getCount() multiple times on the same line I would have cached all inventory items and then operated on that, however, this is just personal preference given that we don't know how Inventory.getCount() is implemented, maybe it is already very efficient. You have 2 sleeps right at the beginning and right at the end of main loop. You call checkState twice at the start of the script, you have 2 state variables. You should add dynamic sleep for the duration of enchant (if there is any). Added @Override annotations for overridden methods. Renamed checkState to getState. Implemented interface Starting to set mouse speed and General.useAntiBanCompliance(true). (not sure if the latter is necessary as the documentation is very basic) I don't think sleeping after opening magic tab is necessary as the API methods already incorporates ABC. It would useful if you'd create your own method that needs to sleep after performing action. Here's the improved version http://pastebin.com/eL5g84Qa
  18. Hmm. The script saves your original gear on startup and should it detect original gear in inventory and not equipped then it re-equips the item. Are you sure you didn't start the script with rune full helm equipped?
  19. I looked into the bug section and there was multiple other threads about this issue. This should solve it @simoggy https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-when-tribot-doesnt-work-correctly/
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