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  1. Everyone you need to realize how botting works. 95% of "bug reports" I get is caused by RS updates. Every time RS updates the underlying code changes ever so slightly. If this happens then Tribot has to change it's code aswell, that is how reverse engineering works. Usually this happens very fast, however, it is possible that every once in a while you stumble upon broken client. My point is that if the script stops working and I have not posted here that I have updated it, then the problem will fix itself 99% of the time.
  2. I don't know 1) Misconfigured auto-relog? 2) Tried other scripts? 3) Tribot bug? ...
  3. You probably have the auto relog misconfigured? Try starting the script logged out and see what happens, it should log in.
  4. What happens after 4 hours? Is there any messages in the console?
  5. Misclicking what? Misclicking how often? What's your mouse speed? Are you moving during misclicking? Is the target moving? Are you both moving?
  6. What's the message in the console? I can run the script just fine, must have been another update.
  7. Updated the script v3.19 (minor changes) Added HP xp counter and HP xp per hour counter to paint (it's the number in parenthesis)Increased static sleep after opening bank by factor of 4 (hopefully solving a lone bug)
  8. Started agility alcher but life came up. No ETA.
  9. Sure. This is the first problem addressed here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/27767-common-bot-script-problems-that-can-be-solved-by-you/ As for the XP seperation. Would it be ok If I added HP gained xp in parenthesis after the total xp gained?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys but I am no longer looking for ideas. If the topic stays open then feel free to post ideas here. I am sure there are other people looking for ideas on the forums.
  11. Not really helpful info tbh... Does it say in the debug that "Script got stuck... Logging out!" ?
  12. Updated the script v0.9! Added all compatible ABC features. This script is now ABC10.Improved script flow for entering cow pit
  13. Client needs to be updated. This happens almost every RS update.
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