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  1. Updated the script v3.17! Fixed a bug that caused the script to idle in animator room with empty inventory. (probably caused because Game.getUptext() default return value was changed)
  2. Unfortunately Banking.withdraw() is still not working. You have to wait some more There's also multple posts about this in client bugs section https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50008-full-banking/
  3. The hooks break with every single update and need be (probably) manually fixed, this is how it is with any botting/cheating service. The log out happens if character has not been in combat for 10 minutes. I could remove it but then the script would break somewhere else(this is how some people have died). For now let's wait for Trilez to update and if you then still get the error(you don't) I will find an alternative way to detect script getting stuck.
  4. I was 15 levels away from 130 stats and got banned. If anyone has an account that has not yet entered dragon cyclopes pls send me a PM so I can fix progressive mode. The second problem is due to broken hook. Tribot is currently outdated due to the resizeable update.
  5. 1) I have seen this before but I think it happened because RS was updated and Tribot needed a restart, I couldn't reproduce this now. 2) Fixed! Didn't bother to change the version number, update is live.
  6. Maybe you have a higher level defender in bank already, in that case it doesn't work, I think. However, the low level defender stacking feature most definitely worked in the past, i'm testing now.
  7. Good point but not gonna happen. Right now you have the option to choose whichever world you want. You are able to bot in certain worlds at certain times when traffic if is lowest. If I were to add random world hopping all that would be lost.
  8. Done! Version 3.16 Now dynamically chooses which animator to use based on how many players are using each
  9. Allright. I'll make it dynamically detect which altar it should use and stick to that altar.
  10. I am saying that CowHideKiller works fine. It doesn't right click 50 times like you said. The Only explanation to that behaviour is that you haven't restarted your clent in a while. Now if you bot ~20 bots on cows at the same time please don't act surprised that you'd get banned. It would happen to anyone or any script unless you bot super smart. Now I am not acting or pretending anything. If I was pretending CowHideKiller is legit I would have the ban reports moved to the appropriate ban thread, but I don't. As for your suggestion.. It's good but I have already chosen Agility Alcher
  11. ^^ don't blame me for getting your 20 accounts banned on cows. No shit. Pro tip: restart your client sometimes
  12. Really? Tribot now requires Java 8 so it makes sense that scripts get compiled with Java 8. My new script is making heavy use of lambdas. Hopefully Trilez can update!!!
  13. Hmm. Sad to head. Just for my information... What was your botting profile? How long did you bot for? How long sessions etc?
  14. Updated the script v3.15! Added version number to the GUIAdded timer that ends the script and logs out should you get stuck for whatever reason
  15. Yup. Dragon area should be safe aswell. I rarely see anyone there anymore.
  16. I think you always get the latest version whenever you start the script so the version number would always show the latest version so I don't know if that's necessary. Maybe if you click re-run script it doesn't download the script again and you might get an older version.. Hmm. I suppose it doesn't hurt to add version number.
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