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  1. Sorry, didn't see this - 400k/Hour profit with a giant pouch
  2. Always used LG - 32bit OSbuddy. I initially had the same - i found botting the quests (unfortunately the one i used was manually removed from repository) and doing them manually, alongside farm runs and slayer between botting helped ALOT when it came to longevity of my accounts. Personally, especially when my account is newer - i try to bot, play legit (slayer/farm run) then log off for an h our or two and bot again. Has helped me alot with all of my accounts in surviving to end game. Also baby sitting some scripts initially to ensure they can be left AFK or need to babysat is vital for longevity imo.
  3. After having multiple mains banned on the quest to hit end game content and hit a 2k total. I've finally gone and done it - 2k total achieved. I thought i'd make this post to share my experience, skills i achieved and what scripts i used to attain my levels. Things to note: I was permanently banned on this account once, and appealed it.. let's say 6 months ago won't be specific for, obvious reasons. FYI, my perm ban happened about 5 years ago. By no means am i saying these scripts are the best or are superior to the other ones available, they are the ones i used and worked for me . Also, not that it needs to be said, but this isn't to advertise these scripters or scripts, merely recognition and a thank you for making good quality scripts that allowed me to achieve one of my RS Goals. 99 Strength - Ex Nightmarezone @ericko123 (Overload method with absorbs for all of the below Nmz) - ran for roughly 7 hours a day (split into 2 sessions), didn't run any other scripts when doing NMZ 99 Defence - Ex Nightmarezone 99 Range - Ex Nightmarezone 99 Magic -nMagic @Naton (High alched all the way to 99, using air battle staves which leaves you with a profit - ran for 2.5-3 hours a day, ran for maximum of 2 sessions per day with manual playing in between) 82 Runecrafting - Netami's runecrafter @Netami (Lava runes to 82 on my main, and currently still running nature runes on my alt (80 rc) as a money maker, run for 3 hours a day, manual playing in between) - my alt runs 7h a day and still no ban (split over 2 sesh) 99 Smithing - nBlast furance (Adamant bars from 70-99, made 150m ish if i recall correctly per acc, got 99 over 3 accounts) - one of alts got banned for runnign 10 hours straight, so i just ran 3-6 hours per day, split into 2 sessions 99 Thieving - LanThiever @Laniax (Blackjacked to 99, flawless) - run for 3 hours a day at max, split over 2 sessions sometimes 99 Crafting - nCrafter (Air battlestaves to 99, flawless) 99 cooking - nCooker (Wines to 99, 3/4 hours a day) 90 Herblore - nHerblore (Ppots to 90 ran for 2hour periods, took days off to rotate other bots) 99 firemaking - Auto Winter todt Pro @Encoded (99 on 5/6 accounts, flawless everytime) - i honestly dont know if you can get banned from this, i've run it for hours on end lol 80+ construction (won't be specific for some anonymity), wConstructor @Worthy (Oak dungeon doors to 80+ construction, 1.5 hour intervals, maximum 3h a day) 80 +Fishing (won't be specific for some anonymity), Auto Fisher pro (Flyfishing to 80+ fishing, ran 3-4 hours a day) 80+ Agility (won't be specific for some anonymity), Einstein's Agility @Einstein (Seers W/Kandarin hard diary (very good xp) for 1h 20 intervals at max, sometimes once or twice a day depending on what else i'd bot) Full void + Void elite - Netami's pest control (Got full void+elite on 2 accounts, ran for 2hours a day, took a day off in between) There was a questing script that was available that got you roughly 80+ Quest points, forgot the name as it was removed from the repository, but i ran that and all the quests it offered It should be noted i did play on this manually, as this is my main - not a gold farming account, however, i did bot to maximise GP, i.e running adamant bars in blast furnace rather than gold bars Happy to answer any other Q's.
  4. Minus slayer and farming, yeah
  5. Gonna beat you to it, i'm 20 levels from a 2k total
  6. i don't think it's dead content. and i honestly don't think it would take alot of changing. all you would have to do is to give an option to use pure essence or that new daeyalt essence, that's it. other than that nothing changes. (unless you want add an option to bot mine the essence aswell) imo if you could add this it could be great considering youll get higher rc xp/hr making it less bait to bot runecrafting. Thank you in advance
  7. Hi, would it be possible to add the new daeyalt essence instead of pure essence?
  8. Takes out earth talismans when doing Lava runes - even when magic imbue is selected. Initially thought this was a minor inconvenience - however, it uses the earth talisman when magic imbue spell has timed out, so script ends due to not having more earth talismans in bank (even though they aren't required with M. imbue). Client debug: https://pastebin.com/TjNNVd1g bot debug: https://pastebin.com/Hzfqc1r5
  9. Cleared several times - still isn't working. Going to get me banned at this rate..
  10. Script seems to have broken as of last night, when running nature runes via the abyss. Runs towards wilderness ditch, gets to ditch (sometimes crosses into wild), decides to head back to bank, then runs back to ditch - repeats this over and over. Bot debug: https://pastebin.com/bmYPVRnP Client debug: https://pastebin.com/dMJL2T2S
  11. Does this not support alching and seers village teleport? ( I've completed hard Kandarin diary)
  12. Update: To avoid going south, i just had to zoom my camera out more - it's slightly more efficient (29k xp rather than 25k). Fire runes still aren't being banked btw, not sure if you had a chance to fix
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