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  1. Well, I went to the nearest gas station and bought some paypal card, assuming it was something like a mycash card. Instead, I come to find out I put 55.05$ on a card that I can't redeem or use because i'm not 18, i'm 17, and it requires a SS #. It's a prepaid paypal card. Looks exactly like this https://gyazo.com/b18583a40590311e02fc9c28bcaebbea Anyone know someone or will sell me 07 GP using this card? I'll give the Info on the card, My I/D. and any extra info they want.
  2. Do you accept TOS: Yes Amount of gold wanted: 10m Payment option: Paypal Your Skype ID: kylefirecape
  3. I just got banned, did 35-98 cooking in a little over 37 hours 24/7 lol. It wasn't a 2 day ban, was a Perm ban which is upsetting :/
  4. http://gyazo.com/ccb00178d4f2bd1d544a43b122e2cd19 6 hour Proggy. Very good script.
  5. http://gyazo.com/4a8047af950cddf042c12207af76f0fa 50-72 in 2 hours, 45 minutes! I'm making around 280k-285k per Hour doing wines. Worth the 1$. I don't know how cause I was busy cooking breakfast, but the account went from grand exchange to Edgeville Bank. I HAVE NOTICED - Sometimes the script takes out 28 waters, or something that's not 14 waters 14 grapes and the script will stop. Took 3 hours the first time for that to happen, then the next took 30 minutes. Other than that, good script. I am using LG as well.
  6. Is wine making working now?
  7. Tower of LifeTribal TotemWanted!eadgar's rusegarden of tranquility ghosts ahoyhazeel culthaunted mineLost TribeMountain Daughtershilo villageThe slug menace rat catchers Account has all the requirements. Will leave 1m on the account in CASH, Armour (mage/range and melee) with 400 monkfish and super energy/stamina. No botting ETA when it will be finished.
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