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  1. Someone please tell me what processor I need in hopes of being able to run looking glass with this script! Answer asap please
  2. Fixed the issue I was having earlier but now my bot dies constantly when I use LOOKING GLASS. Works flawlessly w/o it. Is my cpu not good enough to run LOOKING GLASS? Acer Aspire ES1-711-P14W - 17.3" - Pentium N3540 - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD Specifications
  3. Trying to setup GUI but it won't grab my current equipment. Please help thanks
  4. All those things you've said make sense but, I don't think it should be dealt with on a user to user basis. Changes must take place because all it honestly takes is one slip up for your account/accounts that you bot everyday to get slapped with a perm ban. But I do agree thinking I just got very unlucky
  5. Awesome script however got hit with a 2 day ban the same day I started using it, less then 4 hours later. Nice work though Aropupu, truly wonderful script not much more could be done on your part.
  6. Pure got banned with a less then 4 total hours being botted. 9.9/10 I played legit on him for months quested etc. Only a two day ban happened using a script with ABCL 10. Babysat the script the whole time there's nothing that could have been done any better. Tough fight ahead of us boys.
  7. I've been playing the game since around april 2004, dating back to when I was in sixth grade. Now I am about to graduate college and recieve my BS in biology I've finally decided to call it quits. It has been one hell of a run, I'll always love the game and the dedicated people we have such as you all that view the game just as I view it "a game". Good luck to everyone in all of their future endeavors. Enjoy the little things and don't let life get the best of you all. Bye bye and BOT-ON
  8. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    Alright man thanks for the help I'll download it to a flashdrive and then continue on to Reformat C. I'll let you know how it goes
  9. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    Any good tips on how to get a copy of it?
  10. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    I want to Reformat C. But I don't have the windows 7 installation disk
  11. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    I downloaded an antivirus program (AVG) and it said it found and deleted a rootkit in a hidden drive. Is that ample enough to coontinue botting or not?
  12. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    I am not sure of anything. The only thing that im sure of is that if something isn't done then this wil never stop
  13. Meauxxxx

    Need help ASAP

    Alright so lately I've been experiencing a major problem. My account was first hacked a few weeks ago and I followed up by running a virus scan and of course it came up clean. So like an idiot Iignored it but this time I played more carefully knowing that it was bound to happen again. A week and a half later it did. So in desperation I completely restored my computer back to factory settings. Went back to playing normally and sure enough it still happens, I still get hacked. What do I do...? Not only does this "person" change the password to my RS account but to my yahoo email also.
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