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  1. As Subject, New VIPE Looking for Looking Glass, Proxy That comes with Runescape/or how to get started, just basic VIPE get started thread
  2. Ok IM VIPE where is this magical thread L:D
  3. Currently Bought VIPE @YoHoJo hes Page states 24-48hours but could someone give me an experience estimate? my excitement is worse than a kid getting N64 for first time in 1996 I sent Him 2 Pms, Skype Message, Call, and Posted on his Page. Any Suggestions?
  4. Well I currently Paid for VIPE with Yohojo just waiting for him to activate it
  5. ^^^^ E X A C T L Y ^^^ thank you for elaborating my post @NeuroGenix
  6. Apologies, Im a Bit "Mad"(Insane) Im trying to accomplish a Auto Pure Account Maker Script
  7. Nyrsin


    I currently Too am Waiting for my VIPE to Activate, you say it comes with Looking Glass and Human Mouse Movements?
  8. Please Link/Explain how I can Implement this, Literally was Banned for just using the Advance TriBot Client+Cook Assistant Quest Script
  9. A Little Upset my Original Post was Very Detailed, but the Insert Image URL Link Was Frozen, could not even Exit it without refreshing the Page(Please Submit Ticket for Maintenance on it, Thank You) Stage One: Activates ExTutorial Script(Most Stable Stage Two: Activates Preferred Pure Class (Range, Mage, Melee) Stage Three: (If Applicable , See Stage "Four" For Details)Activates Script to Earn At least 100k(or if you have the Gold Already to trade/Buy$) A: Wood Cutting-Safe, Fast, and Reliable if using Premium Scripts(This Script will be for VIP or Paid Script or Free Depending on the Developer's wishes) B: Fishing, Same Rules Applies as ^ C: Wilderness Looting-Fast but also some times inefficient D:Other Methods Stage Four: Activates Stage Two if Already have Gold Stage Five: Activates Level Training Method Guide(Will Escort your Character to Known Training Locations) Ex: Varrock Sewers ,Fast-Safe for Most Part, Levels 1-50, Goes in Order of Training From Giant Rats (3), Giant Rats (6) Scorpions (13)(Safe with Range,Magic, or P2p Haleberd ) Skeletons (21) (Can Be Safe'd <----) Zombies(Can Be Safe'd<----) Finally(after Sufficive Foods/Levels Attained) Head to Moss Giants(Profitable if Membership acquired *Seeds/ShieldDrops/Items For High ALCH* Stage Six: Activates to Continue to train in Selected Area till Lvl 80(unless Magic, then for it is AFK'able) Stage 7even: Stops Script(As a Optional Safety for Script it will not allow User to Proceed Pass lvl 80(unless Magic) Due to High Ban Risk Please Comment/Rant/Flame/Troll/Suggest, all are Welcome
  10. Purchasing VIP...

  11. How Do I just purchase $1.00 credit for the VIP, or can i just pay with my normal VISA debit Card?
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