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  1. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/41935-druid/ Date: 09/08 Feedback left: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/23959-threebot/ Why should it be removed: false accusations. He blamed me for 'imposting' While I don't have anything to to with this. He probably just wants to eliminate people who are undercutting him in price or so. He claimed that I made an imposter account with nearly the same name as him. I mean why would I do this? I have my own bussiness and he gets negative feedbacks daily, why would I impost (which I never would) him? His story is completely set up and he told me that he has some 'proof' probably some edited pictures.
  2. I've heard that gifts can only be charged back by saying that someone else had acces to your account. But since the buyer also has to provide a copy of his ID this can't be the case. This seems to me the safest way to handle through PayPal. Edit : how long will he get to respond? Because of childish, pathetic behaviour I have to explain my custommers why I've got the negative feedback. And I don't get any trades in the meantime. He keeps making fun of me :http://gyazo.com/855c86e6719727aadef6d31ac42a4ca8 and http://gyazo.com/02f20f42deec0ec2699c56011037f5b2
  3. DONT BUY GOLD FROM THREEBOT. He is a fraud. First he wanted my driver's license, then he wanted my bank account number, and then he wanted me to send a statement saying I already received the gold before I bought it. Then so idk why i did it, but i paid him and never got my gold. Fraud Fraud Fraud. Never buy gold from this guy.......

  4. profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/11993-spurs2651/ Date: 06/08/2013Feedback left: http://gyazo.com/0e744a05da71bd669de7252c71a034b1Why should it be removed: False feedback. Rule 4 of the default rules : "4. The seller has the right to refuse doing business with anyone." The next explanation is unnecessary but I'll just give it so you can understand this case better : He refused to let me screenview him on Skype. I do this to make sure the custommer pays as GIFT. So that I won't get charged back by non-trusted users. I've looked around and it seems like skype screenview is the only safe method, for both seller and buyer, to make sure the custommer has sent as GIFT. This is why I want the custommer to send as gift : http://gyazo.com/2589044b43cfff02a1017d1acb6df4ef Skype screenview only views the custommers screen, it's NOT like teamviewer at all. The trade never happened, I just told him that we could not trade if he didn't agree with the TOS. proof of the Skype conversation : http://gyazo.com/5121eb220e037b48935d73d55d99a729 Also it seems to me like his first feedback is fake. Apparantly a guy without vip and with only 3 posts has sold 30m OSGP to spurs2651, who didnt have any feedback at that time? Also he didn't make any posts on the forums about this 30m, nor received feedback from spurs2651. It seems too good to be true. Please ask him for proof of this trade : http://gyazo.com/758121e40930b1d409943a7224afd1ba EDIT :Since he has seen that I made a post about his second account he keeps on spamming fake feedback with both accounts. please remove all feedbacks from him. Both accounts are his : http://gyazo.com/087c08d313f1940aa60410cf9dc5ee25 He's making fun of me : http://gyazo.com/09bdb73f744f44b288d2b670f0c43bd6 I hope this can be resolved soon and that kids like him will be banned from tribot. his accounts https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/7532-peterportesi/?tab=feedback and https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/11993-spurs2651/ I accuse him of : 1)Leaving me multiple, fake, negative feedbacks 2)spamming my thread and imbox with untrue information 3)using multiple accounts 4)giving himself fake feedback with his own accounts 5) ? ban evading since he uses 2 accounts ? 6)Using offensive language
  5. gratz on the first slayer script in 07! What's the amount of xp/h you can get using this atm? Assuming that you use a main with decent gear and 80plus stats
  6. It was just an example to point out that you may want to do rediculous things if you want promotion. And it depends on what you call 'small and big criminals' here. In fact you guys run a major botting site, which is completely against jagex's rules so you may consider you guys are 'big criminals' too. No offence but just to point out that it is all a matter of perception.. Or there should be more strict rules like : "no expression of opinions" or you should be a bit more reasonable..
  7. I completely agree with the statement that evaders and scammers need to be banned or handed out warning points if they attempt to do so. But still I do NOT agree with you being a nazi (you've admitted that yourself) about rediculous things, which are no treat nor something annoying AT ALL. This just discourages the talking on the forums, which is not good for the tribot community AT ALL. One thing I want to say here is what 99,99% of the people see as spam is something like : "@@@@@!??!,[email protected]@@" but not something like "thank you" or "I do not agree with your statement" or "Wise advise from a banned guy ^^". If people risk banns/warnings for just talking with fellow botters or sharing their exepience/thoughts about something, there is something not right. I do understand that you maybe want to get promotion to admin or so, and therefor want to prove yourself but you know, it's never a good thing to exaggerate. Like in real life, if you are a cop and you want to become a commisare or so, they want to prove themself by starting to hand out fines for the smallest things. While the big criminals are all out there, don't getting anything.. Well, you get my point, right? no1 is perfect, neither am I or you, but you should be a bit reasonable....
  8. It doesn't really matter to me blade. He used a rather rude language, which can't be tollerated ofcourse. He is not completely right in what he says but I think he has a point there..
  9. Yes, that's what you can say at least. I've opened an other random thread (with only 2 pages of posts) What I found : More spam? You really should hand out every single member of tribot some warning points if I get warning points for this comment. I'm sure even staff may have posted so called "spam" in your eyes. I won't get further into this though, I'll wait untill someone else posts his comment about this. Ps : not something personal against you he, blade. Actually I like you as a mod BUT I think you're a bit exaggerating over here.. Thank you, Threebot.
  10. That were just a couple of examples out of 100s if not 1000s of such posts. (which can be seen as spam, but I really don't see why my post can be compared to those) That's why I really felt supervised. I might be wrong but I would really apreciate the warning points being removed. I'm sure everyone with a decent amount of posts has posted his opinion on one or an other thread (which can be seen as "spam" as of from now on?) So everyone will be handed out free warning points now? I think those are ment for real issues in the tribot community. (In before receiving more warining points now for expressing my opnion on this) Thank you.
  11. Username: Threebot Reason: Blade gave me 2 warning points for saying "wise advise from a banned guy" Issueing authority: Blade Points: 2 link to the thread : https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15303-understand-supply-and-demand-botters/page-1#entry210425 Explanation: In my point of view it's exactely the same as saying "I don't agree with your statement" or "I agree with your statement" In this case it thought it was a bit ironic in my point of view. He was giving advise which I didn't agree with for a fully 100% but afterwards I noticed that he was banned. So I didn't bother posting a whole explanation of why I didn't agree. I decided to post :"Lol, wise advise from a banned guy ^^" Which indicated that I didn't agree with his statement. At least that's what I ment by saying that. I had absolutely no intention to spam the thread, which was what blade made of it. I thought it is Obvious that you can express your opinion In eather an ironic or a formative way. We are all here, as botters, to have some fun and maybe do some business.. But I mean.. Can't you express yourself, ever, in a sarcastic way? Does every single post have to be written like you would write a letter to your boss? No offence he blade, but if you call that 'spam' than 95% of the posts here could be reported as spam. Not to be rude or so but I could provide you 1001 examples if you want so.. Some examples I've found by looking 1min on 1 thread (probably all people who didnt receive any warning point) : I'm really feeling like you are keeping an eye on me, blade. I think you've acted a bit too fast but no offence, mate! Thank you very much for understanding, YOURS SINCERELY, Threebot.
  12. Never forget that you will create your muscles in the kitchen. Without eating like you should be, you'll never become like you want to be.
  13. I left 2 times the same feedback by accident, please remove one. : https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/41000-willzy/
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