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    Proxy sales are now online! Please message me on skype for more details! skype: chris112.sythe

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  1. Barrows-ready quested accounts. 10 days of membership left. Emails confirmed. Accounts come with original emails.https://imgur.com/a/ZyAWVzN Only accepting RSGP or BTC. 25$ or 36M ea. Price may differ a bit between accountsContact on discord: Regi#9018
  2. NOTE: READ THIS POST BEFORE ASKING DUMB QUESTIONS Hello! I am opening my proxy shop again after a while. The Proxies These proxies are SOCKS5 proxies which can be used in the TRiBot client for Oldschool Runescape botting. These proxies have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Each packet will have proxies located in either USA or Russia. This means if you buy a packet, you can choose, which location you want. It it recommended to choose the country closer to your location. The proxies will only be sold in packets of five (5). This means you cannot buy single proxies at a time, nor can you buy two or three. I only sell quantities of five (5) proxies at a time. This means, of course, that you can buy two individual packets if you need ten proxies, for example. These proxies are in your personal use for the duration of the lease. These proxies are bound to you by IP authentication. This means you can only use proxies from one packet on one IP address. You can only have the packet bound to one IP at a time; the proxies provided in this thread may not be suitable for you if your IP address is changing regularly. ProxyPacket A ProxyPacket contains the following items: A packet of five (5) SOCKS5 proxies. The information below (The Proxies) applies to this section. One free IP change. This means after you purchase a ProxyPacket you can set an IP and change it once during the ProxyPacket's duration for free. Each ProxyPacket is valid for month. This means that the packet of proxies is available for you for 30 days after the purchase. Pricing and payment methods Products: ProxyPacket: 10$ Additional IP change: 2$ Refreshing a ProxyPacket; your five original proxies get changed for five new ones for the rest of the 30 days duration. Only purchasable after 10 days from original purchase: 5$ I will accept the following payment methods: OSRS gold (1$ = 1,2M) PayPal (trusted users only) Bitcoin Contact info and order form If you wish to contact me please message me on Skype: chris112.sythe If you wish to order, leave the following order form filled in a response to this thread or to my Skype after contacting me there. ORDER FORM: I would like to buy (a) ProxyPack(s) : (quantity) Location: (USA/Russia) Payment method: (OSRS/PayPal/Bitcoin) Have you contacted me on Skype: (yes/no) The IP address the proxies will be bound to: (check with https://www.iplocati...find-ip-address, for example) I have read through the Terms and Conditions and the sales thread written by the forum user "regicide3342". By typing "yes" after this paragraph I acknowledge that I have understood the information he provided in his post and agree with his Terms and Conditions: (yes/no) Terms and Conditions I am not responsible for any downtime or latency issues with the proxies. I am only a middleman between you (the customer) and the original proxy provider (anonymous). All purchases are final and non-refundable. You as the customer take responsibility for any bans/jagex flags on the proxies. Final words With all of that said I proudly open my proxy shop. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message. Best of luck with botting, regicide3342
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