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  1. I do for other scripts but not for this one. I just do one session (4h) and then bot other things
  2. Been using this from 60 combat stats and the accounts are now in high 80s and 90s. Don't quote me but NMZ is relatively safe if the script is stable
  3. From about 20 hours of NMZ, it has been a great script @Naton I noticed while using Dharoks that it doesn't eat the rock cake to 1 hp and only after it uses overloads. Is it possible to guzzle the rock cake when you regen to 2 hp? Cheers
  4. Every time you bot you should expect the worst. Bot on accounts you will get over if it gets banned. Most importantly, don't get too attached to the accounts you decide to bot on. You will see posts every Monday about people being surprised they are banned even though they were botting "safely". Safety is relative.
  5. Lan's thiever is great but Blackjacking isn't stable right now so it requires babysitting. He said there will be a full re-write soon so look out for that
  6. In the past, I did not use LG and breaks and accounts generally do not last very long - typically a few days to 2 weeks. In the past 2 months, I have taken the use of LG, breaks, and habits more strictly and my accounts have lasted from level 3 to 1,500+ total levels so far and going strong. If I had to tell something to my past-self, it is to not be so greedy and quality > quantity. The effort of creating and re-leveling accounts become a headache after a few hundred accounts. GP comes in more consistently rather than many periods of downtime to rebuild
  7. ExRunecrafter is your best bet and from looking at recent posts on there it is still functioning for abyss rcing. I've used it in the past (alot) and never had an issue with it
  8. @wafel I noticed that mouse key dropping is not 100% consistent when it drops so it gives it a more realistic feel whereas shift dropping is kinda rigid and too accurate (Encoded is working on randomising shift dropping if you go a page or two back). I have been using mouse key and shift drop and mouse key dropping is only slightly faster in terms of xp/h
  9. No one knows what methods Jagex use to detect bots but there are many things you can do to help preserve your account's lifespan like regular breaks, not botting on a fresh account, proxy, LG and 100 other variables
  10. @magerz4 I appreciate your reply and like you mentioned - minimising OSbuddy before client hooking may explain why it worked occasionally. Will try this out on my next session, cheers!
  11. Just recently came back and I noticed that every time the break handler takes over, it won't log me back in past the break time (I even waited double the break time just in case it logs back in). My break handler did work a few times yesterday but not consistent. - I am using OSbuddy with 'remember username' ticked off - I am using JDK1.8.0_102 - My heap size is 512 (happens with 386 too) Edit: Also noticed that every time it does not login past the break time, the Tribot client freezes for a few seconds every 30 secs and my CPU spikes up 15-20%. I am using 2 LG + OSbuddy clients at about 20-30% CPU depending on the script. Has this happened to you before? Any help appreciated, thanks!
  12. @Usa Just trialed this and everything worked very well. Only complain was that it got stuck in a DMM world. It probably misclicked because I am aware you pushed a fixed for this. Anyone else got this problem?
  13. It will if you tick pick up pouches (who wouldn't). There is a rare chance it'll be lost because the pker might be camping the same spot when you try to retrieve it. Only thing it doesn't pick back up is boots of lightness
  14. Do you have proof, or are you just spitting bs because of your past experiences? There are scripts on here that have been running for years (e.g. Encoded's fisher). Scripts can be written poorly or well done and if you look at his fisher, you can see a fuckton of multiple days progress report and that's soemthing
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