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  1. A Mage Training Arena Script. This will do all rooms except Alchemist (WIP). Pretty simply GUI. - Orb Deposit means it will do shapes for points irregardless of the shape bonus. There is a Dragonstone option but I wouldnt reccomend it for fast points. World Change notifications should be off. - Level select is the Enchantment spell you want to use. Have the required Staff and Runes for the casts you want. The script only checks for lack off Nature/Cosmic/Law Runes. - If you select Alchemist Playground. It will not do anything. Any bugs please post here. I used this to get Bones to Peaches on some accounts with no negative repercussions as of now. if anything looks super inhuman please tell me as well. The script does use ABC Sleeps but not much else. Repository Link : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3552
  2. There is a 4 right next to that feature which references "Looking Glass (LG) is an experimental feature which allows you to bot via a 3rd party non-botting client. Performance of LG may vary and may not be fully supported by all scripts."
  3. Have restarted client and relogged. It is not found by Objects.getAll nor Objects.getAt(Tile). It doesnt find any object on the tile.
  4. No not those sorry! These trees are inside of temple trekking. They do not show up as NPCs either, and I can chop them normally
  5. Recently came across a few dead trees that are not found by the Object class and does even come up as an object when using the debug tools. Is there another way to find these trees so I can tell the bot to chop them? I can chop it down and examine it manually and it behaves exactly like a normal tree , but Im not sure how to find it with the bot.
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