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  1. can you start this without food? it just runs to the bank when i start it
  2. does this save your setting for next time you want to run the script?
  3. I love this script the human reaction time is amazing I just started botting again so i haven't used a lot of scripts but out of the few that i have this reaction time is the best imo not to mention it has ran perfectly for me i have tried fires at ge and edgeville range
  4. i can't get it to buy items i have tried setting min stock to 0 and leaving it blank... it will trade just not buy
  5. Last location before getting banned?:Falador Skill botted?:Runecrafting Breaks or no?Yes If so how long?:10-30 minutes every hour How long did you bot per day?:4 hours Banned before?:No Type of ban?:Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?:No Scripts Used?ExRuneCrafter Other Bots Used?:No How many bots at a time were being run?:1 Date banned?:8/28/2014 Fresh account/Days acc used?:Fresh account would not recomend the script way over priced and way to bot like
  6. i have to click through gate of gnome stronghold every time and every time i go to the gym i come back dead i give up and it is when the bot is attacking the task and goes for a break he dies cause he wont eat
  7. maybe its only me but pray never works right at black demons it prays range bloodvels it prays incredible reflex...
  8. use pray selection is not working for me and if i click skip with points it always goes to turael
  9. i also died using this script last night not sure how =( also when i select use pray on black demon task it prays range am i doing something wrong
  10. the bot keeps going back to turael for every task i have it set to go to chaeldar
  11. i tried lit in inventory and in bank then i tried not lit in both also did the task myself
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