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  1. Title says it all, buying a 30 day pin for RSGP, add me on skype: Blistexpb we will discuss price
  2. But it hasn't even been a full month yet.. I demand a refund.
  3. Thank you! allthough it was flawless before the only time there was a banking error was when bolts were bellow 200 but it works great.
  4. Testing version 1.33 now, will update you tomorrow morning, PS. Do you think you can make it pick up bolts and wield them? Add my skype: blistexpb
  5. It was far back in the chicken cave about where it spawns just sitting there
  6. I did! Got stuck at around 40-50 bones but i unstucked it and it run flawlessly for another 4-5 hours
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