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  1. Hello! I am looking to buy more gold for my escapades, and such! Looking to pay $1.20/m will pay more if you sell bulk
  2. Yoho buys for $1.05 currently and sells for $1.25.. seemed fine to me
  3. Hello I have returned! After getting very tied up with some work irl I am back! Which that work fortunately made me some money and I am looking to buy 250m (or maybe a little more if you have it) 07 to get a ridiculous farm going! I am wanting to pay $1.15/m unless you can sell all or nearly all then we can discuss rates! Feel free to pm me
  4. In fact, if you use a powerchopping mode, theres a few willows in rimmington/port serim that are never populated
  5. One piece of advice. PROXIES PROXIES PROXIES.
  6. I use the helper script and yeah the frame rate isn't amazing, but I've never had any issues related to tribot. Only issue I've had is a lag, presumably from being on a laptop hella far away from my router, which caused me to not be able to prayer flick on time lol
  7. Meanwhile I'm botting 10 accounts right now
  8. HRhoads4629

    Deadman gold

    If I were to sell deadman gold, would anyone be interested? If so how much would you be looking to buy? I know the general starting amount of gold to sell is 1m but 1m in deadman is a lot more than 1m in osrs or rs3. Just looking to get an idea! Thanks<3
  9. Trust me. I fucking know. -___________-
  10. If your goal is to think that 8m 07 equalls $15 you are horribly mistaken sir
  11. 20m and you have yourself a rootin tootin deal buckaroo
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