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  1. Hello! I am looking to buy more gold for my escapades, and such! Looking to pay $1.20/m will pay more if you sell bulk
  2. Yoho buys for $1.05 currently and sells for $1.25.. seemed fine to me
  3. Hello I have returned! After getting very tied up with some work irl I am back! Which that work fortunately made me some money and I am looking to buy 250m (or maybe a little more if you have it) 07 to get a ridiculous farm going! I am wanting to pay $1.15/m unless you can sell all or nearly all then we can discuss rates! Feel free to pm me
  4. One piece of advice. PROXIES PROXIES PROXIES.
  5. I use the helper script and yeah the frame rate isn't amazing, but I've never had any issues related to tribot. Only issue I've had is a lag, presumably from being on a laptop hella far away from my router, which caused me to not be able to prayer flick on time lol
  6. If I were to sell deadman gold, would anyone be interested? If so how much would you be looking to buy? I know the general starting amount of gold to sell is 1m but 1m in deadman is a lot more than 1m in osrs or rs3. Just looking to get an idea! Thanks<3
  7. If your goal is to think that 8m 07 equalls $15 you are horribly mistaken sir
  8. 20m and you have yourself a rootin tootin deal buckaroo
  9. I have been into lifting for a few years now, can't say I really approve of the steroid route but to each their own and I wish you the best of luck
  10. Hello! As a lot of you know I run my own account leveling service and that has made me have little time to work on my own accounts! I need someone who will be able to make up to 5 accounts a week, maybe more if I expand. I'm not entirely sure what I will be botting but need some quotes to get an idea of what I want to do. Pm me if you are interested!
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