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  1. can i have all my posts removed or if not my account deleted entirely?
  2. use the waterfall quest bot, gives you 1-30 attack and strength so like 20+ combat
  3. It doesn't really matter I can just do Black Knights Fortress by myself but I have 52 quest points and it says I don't have enough [16:02:32] Starting client.[16:04:48] Downloading script 'qqqQuests'.[16:04:50] Script Started: qqqQuests.[16:04:50] Launched GUI[16:05:06] We don't have enough quest points to start this quest: "Black Knights Fortress":12[16:05:06] Script Ended: qqqQuests.[16:05:27] Downloading script 'qqqQuests'.[16:05:29] Script Started: qqqQuests.[16:05:29] Launched GUI
  4. I don't know about that but I was wondering if you can get banned for playing legit on a client just because you're on a botting client.
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