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  1. can i have all my posts removed or if not my account deleted entirely?
  2. use the waterfall quest bot, gives you 1-30 attack and strength so like 20+ combat
  3. It doesn't really matter I can just do Black Knights Fortress by myself but I have 52 quest points and it says I don't have enough [16:02:32] Starting client.[16:04:48] Downloading script 'qqqQuests'.[16:04:50] Script Started: qqqQuests.[16:04:50] Launched GUI[16:05:06] We don't have enough quest points to start this quest: "Black Knights Fortress":12[16:05:06] Script Ended: qqqQuests.[16:05:27] Downloading script 'qqqQuests'.[16:05:29] Script Started: qqqQuests.[16:05:29] Launched GUI
  4. I don't know about that but I was wondering if you can get banned for playing legit on a client just because you're on a botting client.
  5. script works really well, I use it all the time thanks a lot
  6. I don't know if it's the script or tribot but I lose connection everytime this bot starts a quest
  7. I want to give someone 150k 07 for 700k rs3
  8. EDIT: I found someone to transfer with, delete this topic please.
  9. I remember seeing the army of bald green level 3's cutting yews in the lumbridge forest and I was like 10 and wanted to be like them so I made a bald green level 3 skiller and started cutting yews with them and I got banned lol
  10. could you maybe add an option to hop if someone talks? I'd rather just leave when someone says 'hi' than keep hunting silently and get reported.
  11. how does this compare with auto runecraft elite? I've used that one for a few months and I like it a lot but I hate paying monthly
  12. I've had this script for a few months now and I was just wondering if I got a dynamic signature would it count all the runes I've ever crafted?
  13. negro jesus


    sold me 1 bond vouch
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