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  1. Go on Skype or provide me your discord please.

    1. YoHoJo


      You should post on forums if you need help with TRiBot 

  2. TheHashOneBot


    This is brilliant. I am Seraphic, and I personally donated $5. I know it's not a lot however I feel that any amount helps. If 10,000 people donate $1 each then that is still $10,000. This is a good thing for WYD to be doing! Also just for individuals who don't know why TMB is banned, I've attached an image as to why he got banned from Sythe in the first place:
  3. Fluffee the cool TriBot Mod.

  4. That should also be changed. Any idea why Gardon and ChaoticWays are banned?
  5. How is Gardon and ChaoticWays banned? They still appear as registered users. That should be changed if they really are banned.
  6. TheHashOneBot

    Barrows bot

    Yeah unfortunately it would be kinda useless since Tribot doesn't work.
  7. TheHashOneBot

    The downtime

    Tribot ain't going back online until the admins go back online. Truth said.
  8. TheHashOneBot

    The downtime

    I've got lifetime scripts except for the not so good scripts that I wanted to test but we need @TRiLeZ, @Usa and @Todd to answer our questions.
  9. I would too. I'd get a loan of a grand. Bot accounts, get fcapes on every account and sell each account for 50M and gradually pay off the loan not to mention I'd have a $100+ donator/Lifetime sponsor on every botting forum that exists today. I'd probably be rich using this bot.
  10. Thats completely wrong. A script that does a fire cape for 1 prayer would work on multiple accounts. Just because you "can't afford it" doesn't mean that the script prices would be lower. $100 OR 100M 07 for a script that does 1 prayer capes would be extremely cheap because I could just bot up accounts to 50-60 ranged or even bot them up to 75 magic, run the script and get an fcape easily and sell each account for 25-50M+ depending on the stats. As for your second point "theres no point getting a script for $100 if you could pay someone else to do it for you and this defeats the whole purpose", then answer this. Would you rather have a script that is $100 or 100M 07 to do jad for you 10 times or pay 60$/600M 07 for 10 capes. It's common sense. Also, 1 instance means 1 RS account you can run the script off at a time. It doesn't mean you can only use the script on 1 RS account. You can run it on multiple accounts provided you do 1 cape on 1 account then move on to the next one.
  11. Ok thats awesome. Might buy some once tribot goes back up.
  12. So how long are these proxy's available for? Will you be able to renew them if there is enough demand for them?
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