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  1. Would be nice if this could be either marked as "Will Not Fix" or resolved
  2. I would recommend playing with your RS settings (mainly zoom level) to try and improve this. If this doesn't help, please try to record the behavior in a gif (ShareX is an easy way to do this) so I can see it as well
  3. Looks like it did not previously, since it was waiting to be in a bank. I've pushed v1.293 which adds support for break handler while doing Zeah RC.
  4. That's a good idea to ensure ZMI has the bank setup ahead of time - I'm not sure why it'd be clicking pouches multiple times but I'll take a look into this.
  5. I'm currently able to run the script without issue, I'd double check your GUI config and make sure all needed items are present (or re-create the profile from scratch). If the script is attempting to reach the bank it may help to adjust your camera zoom if it looks to be trying to click the bank etc.
  6. I would also recommend installing the latest tribot client from the installer, this will use it's own Java version and the older tribot versions will eventually no longer be supported
  7. Nothing has changed with the script itself, you can try to clear out the client using this tool from Naton: Alternatively if the script ends itself eventually, it will provide a reason in the script debug.
  8. TRiBot Version: 12.0.24 Description of the bug (be specific): Calling getHumanHoverPoint on an RSModel does not respect blocking interfaces opaque chat etc, which I believe are being accounted for elsewhere like isClickable. Ideally the method should not return a Point that is blocked by these interfaces and thus not actually clickable. How to reproduce the bug: Call RSModel#getHumanHoverPoint on an RSObject partially blocked by opaque chat window Active Script (if applicable): N/A Client Debug: N/A Bot Debug: N/A Screenshots:https://i.imgur.com/iGfmd7b.png
  9. Update going up now to hopefully resolve this, but can you describe to 'misclick' on the small/medium pouch? As in if it is clicking too early while still crafting, selecting the wrong option, etc. Sorry but I don't really have interest in also supporting level 3 methods for bloods, I went with the most popular method for crafting/chiseling. Update going up now to hopefully resolve this. Thank you everyone for your patience, I've just returned from vacation from last week.
  10. So you're using the small, medium and large pouch correct? Does the script fill those at bank, and just never empty any at altar? Can you show me your GUI setup for the natures task? I can't help you with just 'buggy', I'd be happy to help if you provide some specific info.
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