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  1. Update going up now to hopefully resolve this, but can you describe to 'misclick' on the small/medium pouch? As in if it is clicking too early while still crafting, selecting the wrong option, etc. Sorry but I don't really have interest in also supporting level 3 methods for bloods, I went with the most popular method for crafting/chiseling. Update going up now to hopefully resolve this. Thank you everyone for your patience, I've just returned from vacation from last week.
  2. So you're using the small, medium and large pouch correct? Does the script fill those at bank, and just never empty any at altar? Can you show me your GUI setup for the natures task? I can't help you with just 'buggy', I'd be happy to help if you provide some specific info.
  3. Thank you for the reports, any outstanding issues with the GUI loading should now be resolved.
  4. You can set the seal of passage in your gear loadout so it will keep it equipped. If you're crafting astrals you need to use the Moonclan bank option to bank there instead of Castle Wars
  5. It won't end due to zoom level, just provide a notice. If the script is ending there should be another reason provided
  6. You need a paid membership to write/use local scripts https://tribot.org/pages/pricing
  7. I've just pushed an updated to v1.282 that attempts to resolve this for large pouch at ZMI, let me know how it works
  8. If you're doing combination runes you cannot use a necklace as a teleport, since the binding necklace needs to be equipped. The errors posted are just from the script paint being confused due to script ending, they don't show the actual end cause The reason it exits altar and then teles is because you don't have a "bank teleport" set, so it exits the altar then daxwalker decides to use the jewelry. To use the jewelry directly from the altar you need to set the "Bank Tele"
  9. For anyone interested, I posted a first version of an updated woodcutter, feel free to check it out here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3796
  10. Netami

    Broken Script

    @moerrts I provided you support at that time, and as shown above you said you "would try again in a few" - and that was the end of contact until today. A few hours ago you asked about failing walking repeatedly, and seemingly opened this report an hour or so later. Given that I have responded to your questions each time the same day, you do not at the time qualify for a script dispute. I am currently trying to continue assisting you in discord but you have neglected to provide any useful information like your GUI settings or a gif/video.
  11. I think I caught you in discord, but it's just the profile name as an argument
  12. This should still work: https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/
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