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  1. We're awaiting this addition to the new store, I don't have any way to do it currently
  2. I didn't really have any plans to since the script isn't really goldfarming oriented
  3. There is not; I believe the "setting:name" format is for Naton's scripts. This script does not support argument loading though
  4. If you can provide me with osme more info I'd be happy to help, namely the contents on the debug on the client in a pastebin as well as what obstacles your account is able to use. The easiest place to put this would be my discord for quicker responses. The script does work well with blood and soul rune crafting on Zeah
  5. Probably, the script should only be started at the ferox enclave, if it was walking there it didn't find a ring of dueling on the player.
  6. Sorry we cannot refund due to bans, it is a risk that is accepted by botting.
  7. Make sure your client is not zoomed out too far; this can cause the altar to return as clickable from the API even though it's in the black space that is not rendered yet.
  8. There is a free trial if you wish top test Correct, each runner would need an auth, and yes it does also work with abyss
  9. On the progression tab, just set a task for the altar that the main account will be at, with your desired teleport/jewelry options. Then on the running tab, enable essence running mode and enter the main's RSN exactly as it appears in game
  10. Netami

    Fucking joke.

    Security cannot be optional or it's useless.
  11. If the script stops itself it will print a message to the debug tab with the reason, on TRiBot 11 you can enable the debug with this button
  12. Altar tele refers to if you're using a teleport from your jewelry item to go to the altar. For abyss you can just keep this at None, and set Bank Tele to Edgeville
  13. Max zoom is not recommended for use; however I've tested and at non max zoom it does walk to the altar - for reference I have the camera slider set 1 tick right of the middle, I find this works the best. It is not, sorry
  14. Make sure to have the autocast spell set when you load magic gear. After this it'll keep the runes
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