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  1. It won't end due to zoom level, just provide a notice. If the script is ending there should be another reason provided
  2. You need a paid membership to write/use local scripts https://tribot.org/pages/pricing
  3. I've just pushed an updated to v1.282 that attempts to resolve this for large pouch at ZMI, let me know how it works
  4. If you're doing combination runes you cannot use a necklace as a teleport, since the binding necklace needs to be equipped. The errors posted are just from the script paint being confused due to script ending, they don't show the actual end cause The reason it exits altar and then teles is because you don't have a "bank teleport" set, so it exits the altar then daxwalker decides to use the jewelry. To use the jewelry directly from the altar you need to set the "Bank Tele"
  5. For anyone interested, I posted a first version of an updated woodcutter, feel free to check it out here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3796
  6. Netami

    Broken Script

    @moerrts I provided you support at that time, and as shown above you said you "would try again in a few" - and that was the end of contact until today. A few hours ago you asked about failing walking repeatedly, and seemingly opened this report an hour or so later. Given that I have responded to your questions each time the same day, you do not at the time qualify for a script dispute. I am currently trying to continue assisting you in discord but you have neglected to provide any useful information like your GUI settings or a gif/video.
  7. I think I caught you in discord, but it's just the profile name as an argument
  8. This should still work: https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/
  9. Locked. As @Ark said please try to contact the developer first. If they cannot be reached then file a help desk ticket.
  10. Sorry you experienced issues, if you had contacted me would be happy to help you resolve these. The script is working currently so there may be a configuration or client setup that was causing you issues.
  11. A few quick observations from me; not all are necessarily "wrong" but can be considered poor programming practice or poor botting practice. Cleaning up these things would help you get to a higher script quality for public use: From CannonAlcher: Mouse.setSpeed(General.random(95, 280)); This is a super big range of speeds, and doing a straight random means that a user could run at 95 for 1 hour, restart the script immediately and run at 280 from then on. Such a quick and drastic change of play style would almost definitely not be good. General.sleep(50); cannonTime
  12. The banking portion of the script has not changed recently, I would consider running Naton's hook/cache clearing tool and trying to reset the client that way
  13. It does work with the break handler, I don't use the break handler myself. I would recommend having the break start after the GUI is filled out however
  14. We're awaiting this addition to the new store, I don't have any way to do it currently
  15. I didn't really have any plans to since the script isn't really goldfarming oriented
  16. There is not; I believe the "setting:name" format is for Naton's scripts. This script does not support argument loading though
  17. If you can provide me with osme more info I'd be happy to help, namely the contents on the debug on the client in a pastebin as well as what obstacles your account is able to use. The easiest place to put this would be my discord for quicker responses. The script does work well with blood and soul rune crafting on Zeah
  18. Probably, the script should only be started at the ferox enclave, if it was walking there it didn't find a ring of dueling on the player.
  19. Sorry we cannot refund due to bans, it is a risk that is accepted by botting.
  20. Make sure your client is not zoomed out too far; this can cause the altar to return as clickable from the API even though it's in the black space that is not rendered yet.
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