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  1. Hi guys, finals is over and now I have some free time to work on some issues. I think I've gathered some data on which are the issues and i'll work on fixing the courses and give you custom mouse speed(didn't really know this was some sort of issue). Don't really have an account I can test on atm, but will being a new version sometime soon. If it is possible, if you have a list of issues that are still present and would liked to be fixed please post and I'll address them as soon as possible. Thanks!
  2. Just bot other skills or get 99 wc. Maybe even keep one for yourself
  3. Hey, is there an option for hopping when there are more than 'x' players in the world or if another player talks? Thanks!
  4. @Tri I'm not sure what is happening, but I just started it up and it keeps world hopping even if I put it to world hop if talks or more than x players. But my world is empty and it keeps hoping and running all over the place. It will try to attack one, then try to world hop in the middle? - Already tried restarting client and everything too.
  5. Yeah eventually I can add food and teleport support as well. I think I would add food first
  6. skFiremaker Thanks for checking out! If you stop by feel free to leave feedback. Update Log: Current Version: 0.2 Features: GUI: V0.1: Source Repo If you want other locations or anything let me know and I'll be sure to add them. Please post all bugs and concerns below thanks!
  7. Thanks, I'll fix that. I'm in the middle of a rewrite and I should be done within a few days Edit: done and should be fixed and better now
  8. Thats awesome man! Does the 72% get stuck at the start of the script ? Or is it after it begins to level some then get stuck?
  9. I can definitely adjust the mouse speed, what is wrong with the current one? I have a random range between 150-220. Is it too fast or too slow right now? How does Varrock does it miss on the start on the wall? Is it that the mouse right-clicks the area around it and doesn't hit it?
  10. What makes it broken and worthless? If you don't post anything I won't know how to solve it. Awesome Thanks for proggie!
  11. If you are teaching online, why don't you make youtube videos and practice that way?
  12. @alanp97 It should if webwalking is supported where it is. I don't think this script works well in the wilderness though if white berries are there. It will collect, but banking might be difficult for it, I can add support for things like this later
  13. Cost about $100 to change your name. That or $150
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