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  1. Easily passed the 1K mark? Try adding a zero to that and some more
  2. Everyone give Mute a goddamn break. Give him a few days and I'm sure he'll have the script running well.
  3. As Mute stated above, I have left the project and most likely TRiBot as well. I am very very busy with school and I simply don't have time to work on the script. Mute is a great scripter and will hopefully continue to update and add features to the script. It was cool to say I created the first ever 2007 Runescape bot and I may get back into scripting after school slows down in a few months. I hope you guys can understand I have a life too and it has priority over scripting. For you who don't understand, don't bother flaming because I will not respond. The script is Mute's hands now and I wish him the best of luck! Happy Botting! Brian.
  4. Thanks! Mute and I will start working on fixing these.
  5. I'm not going to get into another pointless argument that goes nowhere. Paypal's definition of a "chargeback" is a lot different than TRiBot's. When you "open a dispute" you are saying you will do everything possible to get your money back. All a mod needs is proof of an "opened dispute" for them to initiate a ban. The only reason you are unbanned right now is becuase I was nice enough to tell a mod to un ban you because you revoked your chargeback after awhile. On TriBot the words "open dispute" and "chargeback" can be used interchangeably. I'm done talking to you. You have wasted both mine and Mute's time. Please never post on this thread again.
  6. First of all we never "banned your auth forever". You decided to chargeback, so we took appropriate action: getting you banned on TRiBot. A few hours later you decided that you didn't want to chargeback, but you wanted a refund after we had already declined your refund request previously. Not to mention before this you called Mute a "cunt" and continued to flame him until you received a 24 hour suspension. Please stop posting on our thread, making false accusations, and overall bashing the script, Mute, and myself.
  7. We are working on making these type of tasks more efficient. (Des lizards, gargoyles, rock slugs)
  8. I'd probably stick with your current master until ~110 cb then switch to Duradel
  9. Ok. I'll take a look into that, but that may be an issue with servermessagelistening.
  10. It sounds pretty simple to do. But if you think about it people will have all different types of range levels and armour. So we have to check for all levels / armour in bank. It is actually not so simple. If it is not implemented within these updates, it is high on the list of things to add so expect it soon
  11. Mute and I are currently working on fixing all posted bugs. Expect a big update to be pushed tonight or tomorrow!
  12. Please stop carrying this onward. We are aware the script is currently broken and are in the process of fixing it. A lot of scripts broke because of the recent updates so it should not be a surprise to people. We have come to a conclusion with jas, so don't try and bud in. The reason he received a suspension was because of his language towards Mute which we already resolved. For some reason you keep thinking a 24 hour suspension means a permanent ban, but that is clearly not the case. Brian
  13. Clearly you guys aren't going to get along and your conversations aren't going to go anywhere. @heyjas give us 3 - 5 days to update the script and if you aren't satisfied after the updates, let me know and I will give you a full refund. Brian
  14. Web walking where it is supported, custom walking where it is not.
  15. Thank you very much, we appreciate this a lot! Expect all of these to be fixed over the next couple of days!
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