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  1. Is there a way to bump your own thread anymore or?
  2. Hello there, I am happy to announce that I currently accept vouches in League of Legends... Which means I can play on an account of your own, FREE OF CHARGE, or mine even and you can see the results (or spectate my games live preferably) and the level of my services, hence leaving me a vouch / feedback. The vouches are intended for my thread here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/51587-league-of-legends-e%C2%B7lo%C2%B7l-boost-professional-cheap-and-fast-eutrrus/?p=604541
  3. Yes of course @Marley, quite a few actually. Add me on skype and I can link you there.
  4. ELoL Boost

    Thread move?

    Hi, I've mistakenly created a thread on the wrong section...Here is my thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/51587-league-of-legends-e%C2%B7lo%C2%B7l-boost-professional-cheap-and-fast-eutrrus/?p=604541 , could an admin / mod move it to the "other" section instead of "services" ?
  5. How do I exactly cancel my VIP subscription?
  6. @ It's T.N.Tee (the one from Greece, in case there are more)
  7. I got this from another site's post, which explains how to create the button, I assure you. But still the question remains...why isn't it working?
  8. Still nothing, I purchased the 2day VIP to create my skype button using this method -> http://i.imgur.com/sp1vVMl.png (and in my case I first upload the image i want and then select it!).What's going on? When I click on it, it just asks you to save the image instead, nothing more.
  9. What happens If I purchase ViP and the subscription ends after? Will the linking option remain or?
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