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  1. Just wanting to give thumbs up to scripter! Just hitted 84 today and in 7 hours 85! almost 86 and done with agility then! banrate is low since I run script for over 15+ hours sometimes. Just leave afk method on
  2. script is broken after todays update. It does whatever the hell it wanna do. Banks everything instead of 24, attks several monsters
  3. here is mine! Xmouse_data-248684-1437229100752.dat
  4. In canafis it stops after 20-40mins at random locations. I tried the script for a couple of hours now and had to restart it most of the time. - Bugged at random event - Bugs after 20+ mins - Logs out and doesnt log back in(no login bot?) - Misclicking map Hopefully these things are easy to fix! I'm not in a hurry or something, don't mind babysitting the bot but sometimes it happens already after 5 minutes ;p
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