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  1. and no @netami it does not function as mentioned, your bot us extremely bot like and does not function like you said it would, plus you ignore all my replies, yet when i ask for a dispute you want to reply now..
  2. i don't know what else to add.. I bought this script and I was extremely upset with the function of it, extremely bot-like and false-advertisement compared to the description of the script. I would please like my refund to use it towards another script, I don't understand how i was lacking, scripter never contacted me back on any questions asked, or help, and i feel if the scripter did not hold his side of the bargain, with being active and helping his customers, that i should be able to put my money towards another script, who does help.
  3. 1. Script Author: @Netami 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: 11/18/2017 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 1 auth, 1 month, 10 credits 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): 6. Issue(s): This script was very bot like, it'd climb up and down ladders, run around to random places, it hasn't been updated in months, scripter doesn't reply and i was just very unhappy with the script compared to the description in the link. Please I would really like my refund to whomever can resolve this, Thank you very much
  4. i bought this script and am using it with LG, 91 mage so far and no problems, question, would it be foolish to bot at experiments? as far as i remember it was a risky spot to bot anyone know if that has changed or i would have a good chance there? vs sandcrabs or something else
  5. last question, i'm on lg now do i need both these cleints running, tribot and osbuddy? or do i exit one of them
  6. okay now i downloaded jdk 8, and now when i try to run looking glass it says no client found, do i need to download a osrs client and not osbuddy? or what can i do to make it work?
  7. it's saying i need java jdk 7 or higher, i just bought vip-E and a script it was running, but it said to run looking glass i need java jdk E, i download java jdk 9 and now i can't run the client at all, it says i need 7 or higher, but i have java update 8, and i downloaded the java jdk 9 that they said i needed, what do i do?
  8. can someone link me to a legit firecape service or something? just trying to get f cape on a 75 range 45 prayer account
  9. https://gyazo.com/5c14de5b3f721bf0ba150c0f3ac2ea2e lmfao knew it.. atleast it's only a two day ban, time to be legit on the account now
  10. i accidently left my bot running with no break 11 hours, it was stunning on a gardener in a isolated location, you guys think i'm gonna be banned? :\
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