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  1. "Please chose an argument to run the script" whenever I enable the script. Do you know why this could be? Instantly stops the script. Not getting any popup for choices either.
  2. Hi! Currently running 2 bots alongside my main, which i do not bot on. I heard several things influence the ban rates, such as playing during the same time (so not let the bot run overnight and play yourself during the day), consitent times and taking regular breaks. I was wondering, since I do not want to invest in proxy's since im not making any money yet, if it was possible to have 2 bots run during the day and 2-3 new accounts bot during the night. Or would jagex recognize that my IP is being used to play RS 24/7?
  3. erwin004

    New Botter

    I currently tried out 25 different scripts, mostly money making and skilling scripts. Any suggestions on which are more gp/hour? Should I focus on skilling like fishing/smithing? or keep trying out 20k gp/hour money making scripts like cabbage picking..?
  4. erwin004

    New Botter

    Hi All, I wanted to get started with botting by creating 2 bots; i decided to set them up to be wine of zamorak botters. Unfortunately there is way too much competition, and I just read an article where they stated they're going to take extra measures against this method, so I will have to find another method. Does anyone have any suggestions on methods with low requirements? My accounts are brand new and I do not feel like spending months to get my stats up. Currently thinking about buying a subscription and going for master farmers?
  5. Hey, the ironman blackjacking isn't working properly, for a few months now. After a few tries, the bandit says : "i'm gonna kill you for that!" the bot just keeps pickpocketing until I die. I can't run this script for longer using blackjacking. The stalls function also dies alot, cake is fine though. And chests work perfectly.
  6. Hey! Just wondering if any of you know any good locations to bot curse splashing. Locations I know: -Melzar's maze (cant enter yet, no qp) -Port Sarim -Draynor Manor Last time I went to port sarim alot of people talked to me and reported me. Therefore looking for remote locations
  7. Would you be able to add Agility Pyramid? I'm willing to pay for a seperate script.
  8. Hey! The bot does not build the fireplaces, doesn't click when it's supposed to so I have to do that manually. Could you please fix this? Other than that it works perfectly.
  9. Unfortunately I got banned on my main (only used this script on tribot). Ran it about 6 hours per day for 3 days. Might have been a bit too long.
  10. @evnz1502 For you and other guys; Did you use the safe method or fast one? I'm only getting 8k exp/hr when using the safe one...
  11. Here you go friend! Xmouse_data-249727-1437390908597.dat
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